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  • Professor Dusko Tomic is a full Professor in the College of Security and Global Studies, American University in the Emirates. His research interests include security and risk management, where he has more than 20 years of experience in the area of disaster and risk prevention and sanitation, and risk management of emergency situations.. He completed his Doctoral degree in Political Sciences and graduated from Belgrade University in 2009. Professor Tomic is the author of nine monography and published books and over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters related to security, terrorism, intelligence system and emergency management. He is a member of the International Police Association and the Commercial Crime Bureau at the World Commercial Organization since 2001 He was also the chief risk manager of Universidad 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Book Series

Cover Date Title Citations
01/01/2020 Corruption-specific security challenge 1
01/01/2019 The Social Significance of Corporate Security 1


Cover Date Title Citations
10/05/2018 Cyber-security policies of East European Countries 2
10/05/2018 Protective function of digital forensics 0


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