Academic Support Services Department

The Academic Support Services Department exists in service to the student body in their endeavour to succeed during their time at AUE.

The main goals of the Department is to provide students with timely support for their academic needs and deficiencies and provide insight into the factors that impact retention for the university.

The Academic Support Services Department provides various outlets of support including, an Office of Advising and Student Success which provides a mentorship program to students and tutoring upon request from students with a focus on students at risk, as well as supporting students in their English Language to enhance their written and spoken skills needed to succeed both in university and beyond. The Office of Counseling and Disability which aims to assist students by mitigating the personal barriers they may face as students, a Library dedicated to providing print and online resources to meet the needs for learning and research of both faculty and students.  The offices under the umbrella of Academic Support Services often work together to provide a seamless experience for students.  They also demonstrate a passion for their respective offices, ensuring students always receive the best care and service.