Welcome to the American University in the Emirates, and to the College of Education(CEDU), where you may expect to experience a vibrant environment, dedicated to a learning experience that combines theory with practice, allowing you to reach your highest potential by embracing knowledge and personal development opportunities.

Our College is focused on commitment to excellence in higher education. We work at the General Education level, helping you to understand the concepts, tools and data of the social and natural sciences, as well as the humanities, and molding you into globalized citizens. In this way, CEDU assists you in successfully choosing your higher education and career paths, in a way that can truly represent you, as an individual who can proudly stand out and shine among the rest!

Students at CEDU are involved in teaching and learning experiences, including experimental learning, where both faculty members and students are engaged. For example, a class might consider a specific social experience, encourage reflection concerning the observations made, and develop deductions that can be applied elsewhere, in other environments.

As leaders in education we help you to ignite your passion for the pursuit of success. The courses offered by CEDU will encourage you to learn, and to improve your existing skills, such as time-management, academic writing, critical thinking, and work as a team player. We also help you discover how to make learning easier and more enjoyable!

Our primary objective is to provide an individual with the liberty to investigate and select the specific educational area that is most appealing, helping you to select or concentrate  upon a career path, as a result , beginning with the identification of the best degree path for you to pursue at any of AUE’s other Colleges.

Prof. Mohammed Al-Zyoudi
Dean, College of Education
Email: [email protected]


Prof. Mohammed Al-Zyoudi