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 Fashion Careers

"Fashion Careers: A Day in the Life of a Stylist" presents Ms Joyce Gereige, who will be taking fashion students on a journey into her successful career as an internationally recognised Fashion Stylist and Creative Director. The ‘Connecting Academia and Industry. Creating Future Skills.’ series of workshops is part of AUE’s mission to ensure that

Taking Idea from Concepts Into Visualisation

The second instalment in our practical workshop series ‘Connecting Academia and Industry. Creating Future Skills’ is here, and we are delighted for all the students at the College of Media and Mass Communication who will attend. With over 30 years of professional experience in the fields of media, marketing communication, CRM, PR, business consulting, CSR,

Introducing the Motion Graphics Future Skills workshop with Mr Rohit Jagadihsha! 

On 8 February, AUE students from the College of Design will have the opportunity to learn practical skills from Mr Jagadihsha, when he will lead a workshop exploring the field of motion graphics in the real world.  This workshop is the latest in the ‘Connecting Academia and Industry. Creating Future Skills’ series, helping students to

Writing skills In PR

Dr. Abdelrahman arrives to deliver a week-long workshop to our budding media scholars at the College of Media and Mass Communications. The workshop, titled “Writing Skills in PR”, will bring students invaluable lessons from Dr Abdelrahman’s long and distinguished career that began in 1983 and includes extended periods working for prestigious outlets in the GCC,

Acting For Animation And Character Performance

Our upcoming workshop, “Acting for Animation and Character Performance”, is for students from the College of Design with a specialization in Digital Animation. To lead the workshop, we are extremely proud to present Ms Victoria Galloway, an Artistic Director with many years’ experience in theatre production, both in the GCC region and beyond. Ms Galloway

Innovative Typography

On 17 February, AUE welcomes a very special guest speaker, Professor Rayan Abdullah, to present what promises to be a hugely insightful workshop on “Innovative Typography” for students at the College of Design. Prof. Abdullah is one of the most respected members in his field of Design and Typography. He has had a long and

صياغة المذكرات القانونية وفن المرافعة

تنظم الجامعة الأمريكية في الإمارات ورشة عمل بعنوان "صياغة المذكرات القانونية وفن المرافعة الشفوية" لطلبة كلية القانون، ويقدمها محمود محمد على صبره، الخبير الدولي المصري في الصياغة التشريعية والمُحاضر السابق في كلية الحقوق بجامعة القاهرة. يمتلك صبره بخبرة واسعة في مجال الصياغة التشريعية، وقدم العديد من ورش العمل في الدول العربية بشكل عام والإمارات العربية

The Role of Intellectual Property in the Innovation Community

نظم الجامعة الأمريكية في الإمارات ندوة بعنوان "دور الملكية الفكرية في مجتمع الابتكار: النموذج الإماراتي" في اكسبو ٢٠٢٠ يوم السبت والأحد الموافق ٢٦ و ٢٠٢٢/٢/٢٧م

Managing People And Changes In Sport

On 5 March, AUE is delighted to bring Dr Ivana Parčina to speak to our Masters of Sports Management students from the College of Business Administration. Dr Parčina is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Sport and the Vice-Dean of Science at the Union–Nikola Tesla University in Serbia, and has lectured on a wide

Equity In Diversity Through Multicultural Education

Our next event in the ‘Connecting Academia and Industry. Creating Future Skills’ workshop series brings social inclusion specialist Mr Nikola Vujošević to AUE. Mr Vujošević has many years’ experience in Serbia and the UAE helping to make education more inclusive, and has a special interest in developing effective teaching approaches for people with autism and other special learning requirements.

Adobe Photoshop

Continuing our mission to bring industry experts to speak to our students, AUE is delighted to announce that Mr Firas Jaddan will soon be arriving to teach a workshop on “Adobe Photoshop”. Mr Jaddan is an authorized Adobe Photoshop instructor who also has a wealth of experience using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Animate, and After Effects.

Designing Effective Knowledge Management Systems for Organizations

On 7 & 9 March 2022, AUE is very proud to present Santhosh Shekar, who will be speaking to Masters of Knowledge Management students from the College of Computer Information Technology. Mr Shekar is an accredited ISO 30401 Knowledge Management (KM) Auditor and Certifier, with over 22 years of experience in establishing knowledge management initiatives

Teaching Students With Emotional Behavioral Disorders And Intellectual Disabilities

In our first workshop for students from the College of Education, we are delighted to introduce the Director of Inclusion at Dubai’s Pulse Center, Ms Hiba Bahsoun. Ms Bahsoun has spent her career working in the special and inclusive education space, leading workshops for teachers and educators and consulting on best practices for special education.

Flutter Asynchronous Programming With Futures, Async And Await !

Between 13-20 March, AUE welcomes Mr Muwaffaq Imam to teach a workshop titled “Flutter Asynchronous Programming with Futures, Asynch and Await!”. Mr Imam is a Senior Mobile Developer at Keylife, where he specializes in software development and UI/UX. This is an amazing opportunity for students from the College of Computer Information Technology to gain real-world insights into the life of

Creating Attractive Advertising Materials with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Canva – From Research, Design, and Adaptation to the Digital Channels

Starting tomorrow, AUE is happy to present a workshop led by Ms Paula Kovačić covering all aspects of digital design for advertising. This workshop is ideal for students at the College of Media and Mass Communication, especially those pursuing the concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication. Ms Kovačić is a highly-skilled digital and social media marketer, with experience

Website Design

On 11 March, AUE is delighted to present a collaborative workshop between the College of Computer Information Technology and the College of Media and Mass Communication. The workshop will be led by AUE’s very own Dr. Ahmed Elngar, Assistant Professor of Computer Science within the College of Computer Information Technology. This event is sure to

The Job of a Khaleej Times Reporter

This Monday (14 March) and the following Monday (21 March), students from the College of Media & Mass Communication will be treated to a workshop by Ms Sherouk (Sherry) Maher. Ms Maher is a bilingual reporter with experience working for the UAE Government Media Office, Dar Al Sada Press and Publishing, and the Khaleej Times

Production of Media Materials in Public Relations

Our latest workshop in the ‘Connecting Academia and Industry | Creating Future Skills’ workshop series, welcomes Mr Mohammad Ziad. Mr Ziad is the Art Director at Nayel & Bin Harmal Group and comes with a wealth of professional experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director. Mr Ziad has also previously worked Touchpoints in Jordan, A3 Communications

Cybercrime Investigation & Intrusion Forensics

Students from College of Computer Information Technology are invited to attend what is bound to be a fascinating workshop on Cybercrime and Intrusion Forensics by Mr Renzon Cruz, the Principal Consultant in Digital Forensics & Incident Response at Unit 42 - Palo Alto Networks. This workshop will leverage Mr Cruz’s vast experience working in cybersecurity

Global Sustainability For Well-Being

Our latest workshop in the ‘Connecting Academia and Industry | Creating Future Skills’ workshop series, welcomes again Dr Nour Elzeny. With over 30 years of professional experience in the fields of marketing communication, media, business consulting, CSR, investor relations, and branding, Dr Noor Elzeny is a certified expert in marketing. This workshop has been created for students at AUE’s

Agile Software Development

From today (15 March) until March 24, Mr Mostafa Mohamed Adel will be running a workshop for Software Engineering students at AUE’s College of Computer Information Technology. Mr Adel is currently the Senior Business Analyst and assists various Abu Dhabi government entities in his day-to-day work.  The workshop promises to deliver exciting insights into applications for Agile

Industrial Perspective on Operations Management and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management is the backbone of global economic growth, and this workshop will elaborate on the essential flow of goods, money, and information across international borders. This workshop, which runs from 16–24 March, will be led by Mr Murasolimaran Adidravid, Group Procurement Manager at Global Seals Heavy Machinery Spare Parts Trading. Mr Adidravid

Supply Chain Strategies and Distribution Trends

AUE’s next workshop in the ‘Connecting Academia and Industry. Creating Future Skills’ workshop series will for students at the College of Business Administration and will be led by supply chain specialist Mr Mohammed Moqbel. With 13 years’ experience in leading supply chain operations, procurement, material planning, inventory, logistics, and related supply chain transformation projects in

Creating Video Content to Engage and Convert

The ability to create compelling content that has the ability to engage existing clients and convert potential leads is fast becoming an essential skill in the modern marketer’s toolkit. AUE’s upcoming workshop for students at the College of Business Administration, run by Mr Ivan Zeljkovic, will provide top-level instruction on how to harness this skill

مهارة كشف التزييف والتزوير

تُنظم كلية القانون بالجامعة الأمريكية في الإمارات ورشة عمل لطلابها بعنوان "مهارة كشف التزييف والتزوير" في يومي 19 و20 مارس الجاري. يُقدم الورشة الدكتور محمد عوض الله، الخبير في مجال كشف التزوير ويعمل حالياً في المختبر الجنائي بشرطة رأس الخيمة.  وتهدف ورشة العمل إلى نقل خبرات ومهارات الدكتور محمد عوض الله التي اكتسبها طوال مسيرته المهنية في كيفية كشف

Diplomatic Missions: Immunity, Protocol, Intelligence Gathering, and Security Issues

On 19 March, AUE welcomes Dr. Joanna Modrzyńska to talk to our students from the College of Security & Global Studies. Dr. Modrzyńska is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Security Studies, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland, and the author of various books and publications. This fascinating workshop will delve into different aspects of

Lean Thinking in Today’s Business

AUE is delighted to announce that Mr Reagan Pannel, Founder and Partner at Leanscape, will be leading a workshop for Masters students at the College of Business Administration this Saturday and Sunday (19 & 20 March). Mr Pannell is a highly skilled senior business leader, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Operational Excellence Consultant specialising

Practical Perspectives on Pricing Decisions and Cost Management

It gives AUE great pleasure to welcome Ms Tehmina Noor, Accounting and Finance Manager at Dedienne Aerospace, to deliver a workshop for Accounting students at the College of Business Administration. Ms Noor has over a decade of experience in her field, delivering excellence in financial reporting and analysis, forecasting, tax, auditing, and all other aspects

Terrorist Attacks: From Risk Assessment to Crisis Management

AUE is delighted to welcome Professor Zlate Dimovski for a two-day workshop on 22 & 25 March. Prof Dimovski is a renowned scholar of criminology and security studies, with a special interest in terrorism and counter-terrorism strategies. He is the author of almost countless papers, book chapters, and publications, and has enjoyed a long teaching

Intellectual Property in Media Law and Ethics: From Conceptual Characteristics and Academic Applications to Professional Perspectives

On March 22 & 24, AUE is hosting an exciting workshop for students of Media Law and Ethics. Led by Dr Nermin Selim, this workshop promises to cover various theories and views of ethics in journalism and global media. Dr Selim will also guide students through the complex issues of libel, privacy, and freedom of information. Lastly, the

Media Creativity

AUE is delighted to present a workshop for students at the College of Media and Mass Communication. On March 22, 23, and 24, Dr Ahmed Sarhan will be hosting a workshop specifically designed for students pursuing a BA in Media and Mass Communications with a focus on Radio and TV. This workshop aims to inspire attendees with ways to

Practical Solutions for Contemporary Business Challenges: Criteria for Evaluating the New Candidate

Dr Ibrahim Al Kuwaiti continues his workshop for students of Hospital Strategic Management from College of Business Administration. Dr Al Kuwaiti has enjoyed an almost 20-year career in hospital and healthcare management, and is the current Staff Development Director at Sheikh Shakbout Medical City. This workshop will provide fascinating insights into the day-to-day management decisions facing hospital

Training, Development, and Performance Management

AUE is excited to announce that Ms Rita Trehan, CEO of DARE Worldwide, is presenting a workshop for students at the College of Business Administration. Ms Trehan is a highly accomplished Human Resources strategist and practitioner, with over 30 years of experience defining and implementing people and organizational transformational strategies. She is also a published author

Diplomacy and International Relations

On 24 March, AUE is thrilled to bring Dr Joanna Modrzyńska to deliver a workshop for students pursuing a degree in International Relations at the College of Media and Mass Communication. The workshop seeks to inform students and practitioners about the importance of diplomacy as a classical/modern profession, skill, and activity for managing relations amongst societies

Interior Design and Color

AUE College of Design is thrilled to be bringing Ms Kristina Zanic (Owner and CEO of Design Worldwide Partnership) and Ms Nada Attaallah (Regional Design Manager at Decorative Paints MEIA Region) to present a workshop to our students of Interior Design. Ms Zanic’s eye-catching designs, relentless enthusiasm and personalized service have won her prestigious assignments

IFRS and its implications for financial reporting (IAS 21 & IFRS 9)

AUE is delighted to soon be welcoming Mr Jamil Wajih Hassan to present a workshop for students of the College of Business Administration. Mr Hassan is a Senior Audit Supervisor at KPMG and has many years’ experience in accounting, compliance, and analyzing financial risk. Mr Hassan’s workshop will take place 12–21 April and will be

Peacemaking, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding in the MENA Region

Dr. Elie Abouaoun, the Director of Middle East and North Africa Programs at the United States Institute for Peace, will be delivering a 2-day workshop on 12 & 14 April. Dr. Abouaoun has previously served as the Executive Director of the Arab Human Rights Fund and the Acting Country Director and Program Manager of the

Contemporary Lighting Design

On April 14 & 21, Design Director at La Luz Dubai, Mr Rodrigo Roverrati, will be delivering a workshop for students at AUE’s College of Design. With more than 15 years’ experience in Lighting Design projects, Mr Roverrati has particular expertise in exterior landscape projects and interior hospitality. His latest work includes contributing to the Marsana

ورشة عمل مهارات التحكيم التجاري الدولي

تركز على المهارات القانونية المطلوبة لإعداد المحكم ، و الأصول القانونية والفنية في صياغة اتفاق ومشارطة التحكيم واجراءات إدارة التحكيم ، وصياغة حكم التحكيم بين التنفيذ والبطلان .

Artificial Intelligence: Innovation in Business

On 17 & 24 April, AUE welcomes Mr Muwaffaq Iman to give a workshop to students at the College of Business Administration. Mr Iman is an Android Developer with expertise in Flutter, Java, MVC, MVVM, Mockito, Espresso, Rx, Junit, SQLite, Scene and Lollipop Animation. With the exponential rise in AI across all facets of working

Computer Threats and Risks: Concepts and Challenges

Returning to deliver his second workshop of the year, Mr Renzon Cruz will be speaking to AUE’s students at the College of Computer & Information Technology April 19–28. Mr Cruz is the Principal Consultant in Digital Forensics & Incident Response at Unit 42 – Palo Alto Networks and has a well-earned reputation in his field of

Strategic Thinking: The Art of Reaching Goals

AUE is thrilled to announce that entrepreneur, explorer, and philosopher Mr Marek Kaminski will be coming to speak to our students on 20 & 21 April. Mr Kaminski rose to fame having reached both the North and the South Poles within one year without outside assistance. However, he is also a widely published author and