The 4th Global Day at AUE

Where all the deferent ethnicity, heritage and culture assemble
Here is where we push the boat out together, here is where we are appreciating and celebrating the multicultural community, here is where we build and share our relations ideologies within us, here is our most anticipated Global day bringing culture together!
The global day held at American University in the Emirates from 25-04-2015 to 27-04-2015 showcased the different cultures, talents, traditional foods and customs represented among the AUE student body Also, for the first time the university had the Mexican pavilion this year a new nation added to the family!,
Everyone participated, interacted and embraced each other’s different ways of life, enjoyed thoroughly the evening talent program that provided glimpses of what different cultures are about, where it was fun and learning at the same time.
A wonderful blend of warm Asian whiff, and breezes of Mediterranean cultures along with Sudanese civilization passing through to the architecture of the Pharaohs, went all the way to the land of the Mayan’s to discover the Folk dance & the Adventure of Cowboys. The Middle East region, specifically pavilions of Arabian Peninsula brought the smell of Saudi coffee, the Bahraini pearls, Qatari hospitality, Omani Hallwah, Kuwaiti specialty and Emirati heritage. The event brought together alumni, students, faculty members, parents and many dignitaries and certainly was a was a major success.