President of Vojvodina, H.E. Igor Mirovic, Visits AUE.

President of the provincial government of Vojvodina, H.E. Igor Mirovic, visited AUE to talk about the autonomous region in Serbia and also discussed leadership, regional development and international cooperation.

On an official state visit to the UAE, highlighted the importance of cooperation in education with the UAE, which he believes will aid in the expansion of relationship between the two countries.

“Good cooperation between the two countries in education is a good step towards the advancement to the next level,” He told AUE faculty members and students during his dedicated seminar at the University.

_dsc1615H.E. Mirovic revealed to the AUE President and CEO, Professor Muthanna Abdul Razzaq, that he had strong feelings about the view and vision of the world the youth had and that adopting it will see positive changes.

Professor Abdul Razzaq welcomed H.E. Mirovic’s strategic cooperation between Vojvodina’s leading universities and the AUE, explaining that the initial plans “Were very encouraging.”

AUE has students from over 25 countries and sees any international cooperation as a vital step forward in understanding the needs of students to further develop a learning environment for all who want to achieve academically.

“I think the UAE is one of the rare countries in the world where people live in harmony; it is such a unique way,” added H.E. Mirovic.

As a first step, discussions arose on a possible collaboration with the University of Novi Sad, which has specializations in technical science, biotechnology, law, economics, medicine and arts.

28th November, 2016.