AUE Interior Design Exhibition

A creativity filled exhibition with the best from the College of Design

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: American University in the Emirates came out with their biggest innovative design exhibition from the students of College of Design. In the presence of Prof. Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, President of the American University in the Emirates, Dr. Arafat Al Naim, Dr.Chadi Chamoon and respected faculty members and students.

Prof. Muthanna laid importance for the need to host such exhibitions that bring into the limelight the talents of students and the unique artistic aspect of their work and projects. “Art is one of the greatest talent, and art has no boundaries. It is not only a hobby, it is a blessing in addition to being a passion for many of our students.” he said. “The focus on design is one such course that requires creativity and perseverance. And I believe this is a characteristic of all human beings at birth. ” he added.

The exhibition saw an increased student participation. With many designs and projects, the variety of talent showcased was outstanding. Every student had a deep thought behind the projects. Speaking to one of the participating students Angham Attia who expressed her delight at being a student at the American University in the Emirates. She also seemed keen about the university and it’s motivational policies that highlight students’ works and inspires them to express their creativity. Angham named her project “Child Development Center” as her main purpose was to create and design a space for children and their activities. The project included a place dedicated to drawing and creativity, and another to express to house and grow them intellectually. Inspired by the sounds of her baby and nature, she translated into three-dimensional designs characterized by vibrant colors and a variety of lights that draw children’s eyes and enable them to enjoy the place.

Dr. Chadi Chamoon, Dean of the College of Design also beamed with pride. “ We are very pleased that our students have achieved this level of confidence in their work. This is success and it is clear through their work and it’s thoughtfulness.” he said.

“The production process is very intricate and every part of the process has its own joy. Not only that, but creativity is a necessity of life and we are proud that our students have done their best to share their imagination and have reached the desired goal,” he added.

Sundus Maher, another participant, expressed her gratitude at being part of this exhibition. She restructured Abu Dhabi women’s design in a way that suits women and provides them with the comfort and opportunity to think creatively in a space they feel at ease. The idea of ​​the project revolved around the importance of motivating all women to proactively resolve their problems, to communicate and find the time to reflect on the most important topics in their lives. The project also offered treatment rooms, beauty parlors and a fitness center.

At the end of the opening, Prof. Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, President of AUE, honored the participating students by awarding them with monetary prices and to honor their immense dedication, the university shield to encourage them to continue their efforts in achieving greater successes.