Comedian Ahmed Amin visits AUE

November 1, 2017

Mr. Ahmed Amin, comedian and actor from Egypt, delivered a lecture to students, staff and faculty under the title of: the role of the new media in presenting comedy programs, in the university’s auditorium this Wednesday.

Mr. Amin is an Egyptian writer, comedian, and actor, that graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Cairo and decided to pursuit a career in acting and television. Mr. Ahmed is famous for short sketches and comedy programs, his latest work is called the Plato, a social comedy program that handles the most common and regional everyday problems in a humorous, hilarious way.

The opening of the lecture tackled the beginning of Mr. Amin’s career and studies. “I used to be an editor and journalist for Al Bassam Magazine, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do in my life” he said. The Comedian took the decision to quit his job and start a new career, a career that he was passionate about the most. “I used to act in my local’s university theatre as a kid, I even won an award for one of my acts, but I didn’t actually receive any rewards because I didn’t have an ID back then” he jokily said.

Mr. Amin’s acting, and script writing career started in his living room, “I used to film videos that lasted 30 seconds’ he said, I wanted to prove to my producers and directors friend that was capable of something and that I had the talent for it”, he added. The idea behind his videos was to tackle or to speak about a phenomenon that everyone around him lived or whiteness no matter how small or simple it is. “People know me from my Fridge video, I think anyone can relate to that half lemon laying inside each fridge”.

The Actor’s career shifted from then, we he started taking social media as a platform to share his view and so what he loved the most: making people laugh. “Our generation now doesn’t have what we had before, the community centers, the public theatre, that’s why the need of social media has grown drastically” he spoke. He proceeded to talk about the challenges that faced him at his start, and how he turned to television comedy programs.

Mr. Amin shared a vides with the audience, a video that contained many mistakes and laugher from his own show. “What you see here on the screen, is what we go through everyday” he said, “we are all friends in the stage, so we often tend to mess up each other’s’ line and laugh when we shouldn’t” he added.

Mr. Ahmed proceed to reflect his experience related to television and content writing, while comparing between his very first videos to his program that air in the Egyptian Channel Al Nahar every Friday. Producing a content that is funny and clean & educational at the same time is my goal, but sometimes my goals do not necessarily meet the expectations of the people in charge of the channels” he declared. “I usually picture the sofa that my audience sits on, and I compose their image in my mind, my objective was to make people laugh and enjoy their time without offending anyone” he added.

AUE’s family members, and the comedian’s fans who came from all around the UAE, shared the laugher under a dynamic, lively atmosphere, where Mr. Ahmed reflected his expertises and ideals through an amusing way. The session was concluded with a Q&A, where the attendees got to speak their minds, and ask the famous comedian about his career and life. Mr. Amin was kind enough to answer all questions and share his wisdom and advise to the younger generation, especially to the ones who want to pursuit the same path.