AUE Pegasus Repeats Last Year’s feat by Defeating AUD at their Own Backyard by 2-Nil

It was another victorious moment filled with excitement when AUE won against AUD by 2-0 score repeating the history.
Though the excitement made the watchers shift uneasily in their seats as AUD threatened to frustrate the league leaders, however, by the end, the victory was as comfortable as a favorite armchair,
The AUE Pegasus withstood every comeback attack the AUD threw at them and skated off with a exciting win scoring 2-0. AUE Pegasus repeated the history recalling the moments of lastyear’s inter university tournament.
By the virtue of this win AUE Pegasus leads the Group A table, scoring 14 goals in three matches with no goals against. The team also qualifies to play the quarter final for the Emirates of Dubai.
“There was emotion, there was momentum and there was excitement, but the best was to witness the fruits of the team’s hard work,” AUE coach said.
AUE team Manager said, “Beating a strong team of AUD at their own backyard is a real thrill and we are happy that we did this twice in a row.”