The American University in the Emirates hosted its Inaugural Alumni Association Gathering on January 27th with the aim of bringing together its graduates to recognize and celebrate their educational and professional achievements.

In the opening speech Professor Abhilasha Singh, AUE’s Provost stressed the importance of Alumni in the university’s journey towards its vision of becoming a leading institution remarking that “graduates are our most important stakeholders. They are both our insiders and outsiders and the source of our drive forward”. Continuing on this message was Dr. Christopher Mangham, the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services, who spoke of “AUE’s pride in being a part of the journey of so many wonderful individuals who are making incredible achievements everywhere they go”.

In that spirit, Alumni were given a platform to share their experiences and achievements including Ms. Ohood bin Haidar, vice president at First Abu Dhabi Bank, who was previously awarded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for her academic excellence, Ms. Asma Bahman who was awarded for being best employee of DEWA costumer service, Ms. Maryam Al Sabri who is now head of department of future foresight at the Dubai Immigration and Foreigners Affairs, Mr. Rashed alNooryani who is currently doing his PhD in medicine and working with the Dubai Health Authority. All of those alumni were honored for their outstanding achievements in education and public-sector service.