AUE Celebrates UAE Flag Day

November 2, 2017

On occasion of the UAE Flag Day, the American University in the Emirates honored this day by organizing a lively celebration that gathered staff, faculty and students outdoor under the sunshine.

As part of celebrating this monumental day, the American University in the Emirates gathered its family under the shining light to participate and witness a memorable day. The university’s students stood up next to one another closely, while each of them was holding a banner that had one of the colors from the UAE Flag, all together they would form an enormous flag that could be seen from the sky, this initiative represented the unity of the Seven Emirates, and the unity of the UAE multinational and multicultural citizens that all share the admiration and appreciation to this giving land.

Under the delightful symphony of the national anthem, the AUE staff, faculty and students, watched the UAE Flag rise from the university’s tallest building, while participating students raised up their piece of color that formed the UAE’s Flag and the University’s logo to the sky, for drones to capture this unforgeable moments.

Following up to this honoring ceremony, the President of the student’s council, Mr. Waheeb Al Kamali, spoke on behalf of his follow students on the scared meaning of the UAE Flag to its inhabitants and what it represents to UAE nationals and rulers. The United Arab Emirates, is a safe home to more than two hundred nationalists that share nothing but immense love and respect to the blessed country.

As a finalization to the pleasant celebration, the AUE family was brought together in one location to take a memorial photo that pictures the unity and solidarity of the UAE citizens and their appreciation and devotion to this warmhearted and welcoming land.