The American University in the Emirates Celebrates the 46th National Day

On occasion of the UAE 46th National Day, the American University in the Emirates organized a lively event that praised the UAE’s culture with the participation of students, staff and faculty members.

After the official inauguration of the celebration by president of the AUE, Pro. Muthanna Abdul Razzaq, and the deputy chairman of the board of trustees, Mr. Khalaf Al Qubaisi, the attendees stood for the national anthem of the United Arab Emirates. Following into that, students, staff, and faculty got the chance to tour around the various booths that were present to represent the rich culture of the country.

The Photography booth as an example, provided the visitors with endless pictures with the eagle which is considered to be one of the symbols of the UAE’s culture. The Media booth on the other hand, was a great station for the ladies to enjoy some traditional Henna and free goodies to celebrate this monumental day. The kitchen booth as another example, was a destination for all to experiment with the delicious traditional food that reflects the enriching culture of the UAE.

The celebration was an opportunity for all to express their love and loyalty to this land; and that was the case with the president of the Students Council, Mr. Ahmed Alhebsi who spoke on behalf of his fellow students to reveal his pleasure and happiness to be present to praise the spirit of unity with all expats and national that share nothing but appreciation to the United Arab Emirates.

As a finalization to the pleasant celebration, the AUE family was brought together to enjoy the poems and songs, and dances that were performed by the students, in addition to the delightful performances of the traditional dancers who brought happiness and joy to the attendees.