The College Mission

The College of Security and Global Studies provides a hands-on knowledge and research experience. It creates future leaders. It delves into different capacities of specialty needs in the national and global market. Students be equipped with an understanding and firsthand experience in security, strategic, information analysis and diplomatic affairs, but also sustainable growth methodologies through resilience based continuity to make the nation more knowledgeable and adaptable to global needs of the 21st century.

The Mission Statement:

Offering quality academic degree programs that are responsive to the changing needs and characteristics of the job market and to provide graduates skills that can help them contribute to their profession and continue their higher education in the wider spectrum of their discipline”.

College Mission Goals are:

  • Create a community of global culture through the culture of the UAE.
  • Create a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary strategic and security culture, adopted according to the current and emerging needs of the 21st century, while creating a community of tolerance and happiness through stability and security.
  • Operational efficacy in meeting the global and strategic challenges for the 21st century, by providing simulating management, leadership and decision making in live-feed, and multi-leveled exercises and scenarios.
  • Methodologically approach current and future research in the related fields of strategy, security and all other related fields of global affairs, public policy and global governance.
  • Enhance, part of the AUE, and lead on with a new generation of strategic and security experts, creating leaders and decision makers.
  • Innovate, foresight and offer the UAE a global strategic hub of options for sustainable development through an active and robust visionary approach.

Unique degrees in GCC

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