Educating Future Generations

Does being one of the first young people in the UAE to receive a unique degree in Education sound interesting to you? The College of Education offers three specializations that are exciting and in demand. Your bachelors of education degree will open doors to a future where you are helping people succeed in their own lives while building your career in fields that are in demand worldwide. You can choose from three tracks of study that prepare you for the world of education. The College of Education gives you the skills and experience to unlock the doors to leadership, helping young people change their lives and becoming part of a constantly growing and changing industry.

The Specialization offered at the College of Education:

Bachelor of Education in:

  • Educational Administration and Leadership
  • Educational Psychology and Counseling
  • Educational Technology

These programs of study provide students with a grounded understanding in education policies and processes from across the world. You gain the knowledge and strategies you need to continue learning and improving your skills for the rest of your career. Unique to the region, these programs will place you in a perfect position to become leaders in your fields. The College of Education values excellence in teaching above all else, and we deliver this to you through exciting and innovative courses in an interesting and dynamic environment.
Each track of study includes internships and practical experiences where you can see how what you are studying works in the real world. By the end of your time here at the College of Education you will have gained invaluable experience, made lifelong friends and grown beyond your own expectations.


To provide a learning environment employing contemporary teaching methodologies in the delivery of general education courses and its academic programs.


CEDU focuses on three key areas for development and improvement: academic excellence, research, and community engagement. Each area has several goals and objectives. In addition, all these goals and objectives are aligned with both the AUE vision and mission and with the CEDU’s own mission. CEDU has developed its strategies to achieve the goals and objectives of each area as follows:

Strategic Goal 1

The delivery of excellent teaching and curricula


  • The engagement of students in an active and evolving learning environment
  • The continuous review and improvement of course curricula to reflect current international trends in scholarship and instruction

Strategic Goal 2

CEDU faculty should engage in research that informs teaching practices for the benefit of the student body


  • All CEDU faculty to be engaged in active research in their fields of study and contributing to the international body of literature and knowledge in said fields
  • Research will support teaching practice that reflects the current states of knowledge development in the fields in which faculty are teaching

Strategic Goal 3

Active engagement in community service


  • Participate and initiate community service initiatives that support the needs of the national and local community in line with the college mission
  • Active encouragement of student body to participate in same


Prof. William Cornwell


Dr. Salam Omar

Assistant Professor / Program Director - Bachelor of Education

Dr. Alexander Arguelles

Associate Professor

Dr. Wasim Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Dr. Emad Shahrori

Assistant Professor

Dr. Thaer Oudeh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohammad Al Shaikhly

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ahmed N. AL Masri

Assistant Professor / Manager – Office of Patent

Dr. Janet Madhu

Assistant Professor

Dr. Leslie Vandeputte

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sabina Akhter

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jihene Mrabet

Assistant Professor / Director of Counseling & Disability

Mrs. Cara Marlowe


Ms. Hala Albukhari

Instructor/ Interim Director of the Debate Club

Ms. Salma Banouri


Mr. Omar Khrati


Ms. Hebatalla Elbahwashy

Instructor / Assistant to the Dean

Mr. Michael Doyle

Instructor / Assistant to the Dean

Ms. Banan Al Kafri


College Advisory Board Members

Name Designation
Ms. Fadwa L. Lkorchy Licensed Developmental Psychologist and Personality Dimensions Trainer, Dubai Community Health Center
Dr. Narimane Hadj Hamou Chief Executive Officer, Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (CLICKS), UAE
Dr. Dima Abdelmannan Dean of Clinical Medicine, Dubai Medical College, UAE

Consultant in Endocrinology and Diabetes, Dubai Diabetes Center, Dubai Health Authority, UAE