Once you have registered to be an AUE students the final process is to pay your fees. AUE tries to make this an easy process, whereby students are able to pay with different payment methods.

Financial Affairs Department: On Campus

Students can pay by direct cash payments, check and credit card at the Financial Affairs Department, located in block 6 on the second floor.

Payment Kiosk: On Campus

If you want to skip the queue use the AUE dedicated electronic Payment Kiosk. With a few simple steps, and if needed with the assistance of any Financial Affairs Department member, students are able to pay by cash for all their fees. The Payment Kiosk only accepts cash deposits.

Online Payments: Outside Campus

Apart from cash deposits directly in the AUE bank account, students can use bank transfers, as well as payments by credit card with 6-month installment options with 0% charges with Al Hilal Bank and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.