The safety of students and staff is the top priority for the University. However, safety and security are shared responsibilities. The AUE community can take several important steps to help protect all and their personal properties. While there is no absolute protection from crime, increased awareness of crime prevention techniques can help decrease the possibility of crime occurring. Therefore, everybody should become familiar with the ways to protect themselves and their property from crime. Henceforth, AUE provides its own well trained security personnel to facilitate and protect the student, staff and properties within as well as outside the University. Moreover, the entire Campus is fully equipped with latest CCTV technology in each classroom, offices and every corner of AUE premises in which it was daily monitored by GSD through ITD. Furthermore, DIAC also monitors all movements in and out of the campus through its own CCTV system.


Since the present Campus is located in a shared environment, the common shared facilities include an open parking space, however, AUE has allocated an open parking space specially for its students and staff. There is also a shared parking space in the basement for the employees.


AUE students can enjoy their campus when they are not studying and want to relax at the Games Room, which hosts video games, billiards and other entertainment activities. The games room is located on the ground of block 6.


AUE offers a range of sports for our students, such as football and basketball, using an open basketball court, and encourages additional sports activities, where there is student interest.

The DIAC management provides a Student Hub where students can play, have fun, relax and  mingle with their colleagues during their free time.


Prayer rooms for males and females are also available to members of staff and students for their personal devotion, and are readily accessible in Block 7, 2nd floor.

Lost and found Services

If you lose an any item, visit the Auxiliary Services Department, which is responsible for lost items found within the AUE campus You can enquire and collect your item(s) at any time. The Auxiliary Services Department is located on the ground floor in block 6.

Dining Services

The Food Court offers a colorful dining experience catered by more than 10 restaurants and coffee shops that serve food from all over the globe. A mini-market is also available that sells toiletries and readymade food and drinks, as well as newspapers and magazines.


The AUE transportation service is offered to all students upon request. To make arrangements, students should contact the Auxiliary Services Department for the shuttle bus services, which are provided for those living in Dubai and Sharjah. The Auxiliary Services Department is located on the ground floor, block 6 or by emailing

AUE Memberships

Once you register at AUE the Admissions and Registration Department will provide you with an AUE ID card. This card is packed with goodness, from special deals with various retail stores, to discounts at amusement parks and much more for you to take advantage of. The Admissions and Registration Department is located on the second floor in block 6.


For all photocopying, printing, documentation and lamination visit the Copy Center for an affordable, professional and quick service offered to AUE students, faculty and staff. The Copy Center is located on the ground floor in block 6.