Human Resources Department

AUE HRD, ISO 9001:2008 certified administrative department exists to keep a rational, unbiased, and optimistic work atmosphere for all stakeholders including faculty members, academic administrators, administrative employees, AUE candidates, national and international accreditation bodies, different national government bodies and outsourced services partners in support of the mission of the institution. We do believe that the success of any institution is mainly related to its workforce; and that the growth of the utmost potential for all employees will generate job gratification and career chances for persons and deliver supreme advantage to the institution.


Excellence & Supremacy in Stakeholders Satisfaction.

Why we do exist?

The Fertile Kernel of the Institution

We do exist to supply employees with stuff, trainings, and information that will stimulate and encourage them to accomplish their duties in the most efficacious and functional manner. Consider determined training needs, learning, and employees’ development workshops as an investment to stimulate their boom, and hence, to boost the institution overall weight and significance.

We do exist to stir and reassure a brilliant standard of employees’ spirit via appreciation, efficient communication, and furnishing precise and steady feedbacks. Promote free and open dialog with employees on all concerns connected to their duties. Orderly assess employees’ performance effectiveness, instituting evident goals and furnishing pertinent and favorable findings to guarantee constant growth, with the target of realizing an ambiance of sharing, participation, engagement, and productivity.

Via assured well planned recruitment and selection processes, progression and employment evolution, and upgrading, we do exist to support a varied workforce that acknowledges every employee as a special human being in a secure, safe and harassment /discrimination free atmosphere.

We do exist to simplify change management and the hunt of supremacy in all employees’ related functions, and hence, inspire positive employee-management pertinence.

We do exist to set, manage, and convey best practice policies that treat the entire AUE family members with respect and parity while maintaining compliance with All UAE Labor Federal Law articles, CAA standards, intended not to weaken AUE adherence to standards of performance covering all aspects of the institution or principles of continuous improvement, guidelines of Good Practice of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), the Guidelines for Quality Assurance from the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), the common core standards for quality review endorsed by the Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANQAHE), updated international practice related to department level requirements, and different international accreditation bodies and international professional associations followed by the American University in the Emirates.

We do exist to supply the institution with professional human resources consultation regarding recruitment, administrative employees training and development, compensation, equal employment opportunities, benefits, and all other related best practices.

We do exist to hire the most skilled candidates through the well-organized planning of staffing needs; assure a genuine recruitment and selection process; raising our transparency in the marketplace; using the best and most effective recruitment sources such as LinkedIn; and implement comprehensive reference checks.

We do exist to retain our treasured employees by insuring the delivery of multiple relevant professional trainings; providing competitive compensation and benefits and managing employees’ salaries transfers, and promotions recognizing the relative efficiency of all positions, rewarding employees creativity and excellent performance; insuring the delivery of latest technical, and career development trainings, insuring the implementation of proper exit interviews and providing related feedback to each relevant department or college.

Last but not least, we do exist to insure a safe, well-organized, and catchy employment atmosphere through maintenance of excellent employment practices and safety measure, and the development of pleasant work relations between all administrative employees and faculty members.


Mr. Atef Mahmoudi
HR Manager

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the HRD staff on:
Tel Nos.: +971  (04)449-9040, Email:

Human Resources Department Vision

Be a solid, Stakeholders concentrated, and service focused department.

Chase excellence in the improvement and execution of Human Resources best practices to the extent that we strengthen our brand by becoming Great Place to Work – Certified in the United Arab Emirates.

Draw and execute processes and procedures that are aligned with international Human Resources best practices taking advantage of latest technologies provided by AUE software development department

Consult with administrative departments’ managers and directors, and different colleges academic administrators in the management of our Human Resources Department under their guidance and partnership and simplify their ability to contribute in HRD achievements.

Act as a supplier and creator of happiness to admin and faculty employees in supporting them to make necessary decisions regarding employment and daily life issues.

Set the standards to be a transparent department in terms of circulating and sharing information with all stakeholders while insuring the confidentiality measures.

Reinforce the development of all successful and talent employees to maximize their contribution to the overall growth of the institution