“We are committed to quality, multidisciplinary research and career-orientated academic degree programs that prepare students for successful employment and continuing higher education.”

ORA, Mission Statement

One of the things that makes AUE a little different, is our emphasis and insistence on research. We encourage all of our students to develop research skills in several of our undergraduate programs.

We believe these skills are critical academically, as well as for the personal and professional development of our students after they have left the University. In addition, it is our hope that research in fields such as the Masters in Business Administration, Diplomacy, Security and Strategy and Education will contribute towards the future of the United Arab Emirates.

To this end, the “Office of Research & Advancement” [ORA] has been established to promote a “culture of applied research” among students and faculty members

Research Strategic Goals

  • To be recognized as a leading teaching and research University in the United Arab Emirates, and promote an academic and intellectual ethos at AUE. 
  • To provide full support to all faculty members at AUE to pursue high quality Research driven by knowledge acquisition, creation, sharing and knowledge transfer. 
  • To recognize and encourage research excellence and publications with high impact factor in leading well recognized Journals and enhance the University ranking pertaining to research. 
  • To offer research assistance to students through a research clinic and seminars on technical knowhow of research and to encourage entrepreneurial culture among AUE graduate and undergraduate students. 
  • To expand the research cooperation and support from institutions and relevant industries while engaging alumni for soliciting the funds.