Sustainability Cases in the UAE, Pathways to Business Performance

Are you interested in learning about sustainability cases in the UAE and how they can impact business performance? Then we invite you to join our upcoming workshop as part of our ‘Connecting Academia and Industry | Creating Future Skills’ series.

The workshop titled ‘Sustainability Cases in the UAE, Pathways to Business Performance’ will be presented by Dr. Ivan Pribićević, Founder and CEO of Simplify. Dr. Ivan is an expert in sustainability and has helped many businesses in the UAE develop sustainable practices and improve their overall performance.

Learn about the importance of sustainability in the UAE, how it can positively impact business performance, and explore case studies of companies that have successfully implemented sustainable practices and the strategies they used to achieve their goals.

Join us on March 08th and 13th, 2023, and learn from an industry expert to gain valuable knowledge that will help you in your future career.


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