Summer 2021-2022 Plan

AUE students are welcomed back to campus by the American University in the Emirates. We are pleased to inform that the AUE campus will be accessible to students and stakeholders

According to UAE Ministry of Education regulations, any individual over the age of 16 will be required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to enter the AUE campus. All students, faculty members, staff, and visitors MUST be fully vaccinated (1st and 2nd dose) and must take the booster shot after 6 months from receiving the 2nd dose in order to access the AUE Campus.

Individuals with legitimate vaccination exemption grounds must submit a formal application to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) using the COVID-19 UAE Application. Only authorized government officials have the authority to assess exemption status. AUE is not involved in the process. Once you have received formal documentation from the MOHAP, you need submit it to AUE via the student portal. Students who have received a certificate of exemption from vaccination will adhere to the procedures provided by the appropriate health authority.

Furthermore, before they come to campus,

All AUE students will be required to provide a negative PCR test result on the Alhosn App as per the green pass protocol.

al-hosn app
aue students

All AUE students are required to register with the Alhosn app. Students MUST wear face masks at all times on campus (both inside and outside of classrooms). All areas on campus will be subject to one-meter social distancing restrictions.

AUE will modify its plans if the Health and Safety Authorities provide an update. AUE will continue to use all precautionary measures, including social distancing, masks, hand washing, and sanitization processes, in addition to mandating vaccines.

AUE intends to implement different modes of learning for both undergraduate and graduate courses for the Spring 2021-2022 semester. The applicable model will depend on the course. The mode of learning is shown next to the course code when registering for courses, showing as online, hybrid, or on campus.

Contact Informations

Contact information for each college is provided below.

College Name E-mail
  • Dean
  • Program Director - MBA
  • Program Director - Master Of Sports Management
  • Department Chair - Accounting and Finance
  • Department Chair - Management
  • Dean
  • Department Chair - BA In Media And Mass Communication - PR
  • Department Chair - BA In Media And Mass Communication - PR
  • Dean
  • Department Chair - Fashion Design
  • Department Chair - Digital Animation
  • Department Chair - Interior Design
  • Department Chair - Graphic Design
  • Dean
  • Department Chair - Bachelor of Education
  • Dean
  • Program Director - Master of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies
  • Program Director - Master of Security and Information Analysis
  • Program Director - Master of Arts in Diplomacy
  • Department Chair - Undergraduate Program for the Security and Strategic Studies
  • Dean
  • Department Chair - ITM
  • Department Chair - Computer Science
  • Dean
  • Program Director - Master in Criminal Sciences
  • Program Director – Master in Arbitration
  • Program Director - Intellectual Property
  • Program Director - Master of Sport Law
  • Department Chair – Bachelor of Law

We urge students to use the numerous AUE online services through the student portal and plan a virtual appointment with academic advisors or support services personnel instead of face-to-face meetings for their health and safety and to reduce the risk of infection.

The AUE library will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for circulation and borrowing services however study rooms will be accessible only on a reservation basis and for a limited period.

For further information on the student and health support services, please contact us at:

Department/office Contact email
Division of Enrollment Management and Student Services
Department of Admission and Registration
Department of Student
Department of Academic Support Services
Advising and Student Success
Career and Internship
Health and Safety
IT Support Services

AUE Campus Entry Protocol:

Precautionary Measures when entering the University Campus during Exam

  • All students must download and install the Al-Hosn application on their mobile phones and use the Green Pass Protocol to access the university campus.
  • All students who received both doses of the vaccine and booster dose with a negative PCR test result shall be allowed access to the university campus following the Green Pass Protocol.
  • The negative PCR test result validity for the Green Pass Protocol is now 14 days.
  • Students whose vaccination has already passed 6 months since receiving the second dose MUST take the booster shot to maintain the green pass protocol.
  • Negative PCR tests will not be accepted as an alternative if the Al-Hosn is in GRAY status.
  • Students must undergo mandatory temperature screening and not allow students to enter the university campus if they have a temperature of 37.5˚Celcius and other COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All students are required to wear facemask before entering university entrances and while inside the campus.

Guidelines for Visitors entering the campus

  • Visitors must download, register, and use the ALHOSN app on their mobile phones.
  • Only visitors who have a green pass in their ALHOSN app will be allowed entry to the university campus.
    The green pass protocol is consisting of the following conditions:
    For fully vaccinated recipients.
    1. Taken 2 doses of the vaccine and took the booster shot after 6 months.
    2. Negative PCR test result (every 14 days required).
    1. Any status fitting the exemption categories.
    2. Medical exemption: negative PCR test every 7 days.
    3. Recovered: Negative PCR test every 30 days.
    1. Negative PCR test result (every 48 hours required).


  • Must undergo mandatory temperature scanning, a body temperature of 37.5˚ Celsius and above will not be allowed entry to the university campus. Likewise, any symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed entry in the university campus.
  • All visitors must wear facemask before entering the entrance and while inside the university campus.
  • Visitors must have an appointment and will be only allowed and registered in block 6 main entrance.
  • Visitors are allowed only in designated places on the university campus.

ALHOSN Guidelines

Green Grey Red
For fully vaccinated recipients.
  •   Took 2 doses of the vaccine and a booster dose after 6 months.
  •   Negative PCR test result (every 14 days required).
  •   Any status fitting the exemption categories.
  •   Medical exemption: negative PCR test every 7 days.
  • Recovered: Negative PCR test every 30 days.
  •   Negative PCR test result (every 48 hours required).
 COVID-19 PCR test is expired or No PCR test.
  People who are tested positive, you can do the following:
  • Quarantine for 10 days and wait for your code to turn green automatically on day 11. This green code will stay for 30 days. After that, please take a PCR test every 30 days in the next 60 days.
  • Or, if you are completely recovered within 10 days, you can take 2 negative PCR tests and get a green code for 30 days. Please make sure the second test is 24 hours later than the first test. After that please take a PCR test every 30 days in the next 60 days.