Student Life & Community Engagement Office

In line with the University’s strategic goal, “Enhance and expand student and academic support services based on best practices to support students at AUE”, the Student Life and Community Engagement Office develops, oversees, and coordinates all activities related to student life and community engagement. The Student Life & Community Engagement Office is operated by the Student Life & Community Engagement Officer under the supervision of the Student Services Director.

The Office fosters a professional and engaging atmosphere that nurtures students’ learning and development via a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities that cater to diverse interests through clubs, events, trips, workshops, and competitions that promote students’ personal and professional capabilities.

Additionally, the Office coordinates the allocation of student financial support, subject to the University’s eligibility and availability. Financial support includes scholarships, grants, and financial aid awarded equitably and transparently for students to pursue and complete their degrees.


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