Prof. Salaheddin Abosedra

Professor - College of Business Administration
  • Publications : 28
  • Citations : 909
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  • Last Updated : May/28/2023 02:10:51

Professor Abosedra is an economist whose areas of expertise include macroeconomic policies in developing countries & oil-based economies and energy economics. He was formerly Chair of the Department of Economics and Finance at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and of the Department of Economics at UAE University. He conducted research at the IMF, held a Fulbright Fellowship at the University of Qatar and taught at several universities in the Middle East and the United States. He spent two years as a Regional Advisor, Macroeconomics Policies at ESCWA, UN (2009-2011). His articles have appeared in such publications as Energy Economics, Research in Transportation Economics, Empirical Economics, International Journal of Tourism Research, Applied Financial Economics, Journal of Energy and Development, The Middle East Business and Economics Review, Energy Policy and Applied Energy among others. He holds a B.S. (Accounting), from the University of Garyounis, (Libya) and M.A. degrees in both Finance (Univ. of Florida) and Economics (Univ. of Colorado-Boulder), earning a Ph.D. in Economics from the latter University.


Cover Date Title Citations
03/15/2019 Are exports a reliable source of economic growth in MENA countries? New evidence from the rolling Granger causality method 7
04/01/2005 Assessing the role of financial deepening in business cycles: The experience of the United Arab Emirates 20
03/01/2017 Assessing the Role of Remittances and Financial Deepening in Growth: The Experience of Lebanon 6
01/01/2021 Determinants of FDI in France: Role of transport infrastructure, education, financial development and energy consumption 13
01/01/2002 Does advertising stimulate sales or mainly deliver signals? A multivariate analysis 9
11/01/2020 Does Financial Development Moderate the Effects on Growth Volatility? The Experience of Malaysia 4
03/01/2021 Does the quality of institutions and education strengthen the quality of the environment? Evidence from a global perspective 21
05/03/2016 Does tourism expansion effectively spur economic growth in Morocco and Tunisia? Evidence from time series and panel data 24
01/01/2020 Dynamic interaction of tourism, finance, and institutions in explaining growth in Asia's little dragon economies 9
11/01/2021 Dynamics and asymmetries between consumer sentiment and consumption in pre- and during-COVID-19 time: Evidence from the US 15
01/01/2023 Economic volatility and financial deepening in Sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from panel cointegration with cross-sectional heterogeneity and endogenous structural breaks 0
01/01/2009 Electricity consumption and economic growth, the case of Lebanon 150
07/01/2020 Exploring GDP growth volatility spillovers across countries 22
01/01/2018 Finance-growth volatility nexus: Evidence from lebanon 7
01/01/2021 Financial development and business cycle volatility nexus in the UAE: Evidence from non-linear regime-shift and asymmetric tests 7
01/01/1994 Imported inflation in an oil-exporting country: an empirical investigation 0
12/01/2019 Logistics performance, exports, and growth: Evidence from Asian economies 39
04/01/2016 Modeling Causality Between Financial Deepening and Poverty Reduction in Egypt 45
08/01/2004 On the predictive accuracy of crude oil futures prices 55
07/01/2012 Short-run price and income elasticity of gasoline demand: Evidence from Lebanon 25
01/01/2014 Small sample evidence on the tourism-led growth hypothesis in Lebanon 112
05/01/2022 The Fatality Rate of COVID-19: How Does Education, Health Infrastructure and Institutional Quality Make a Change? 0
05/01/2014 The impacts of tourism, energy consumption and political instability on economic growth in the MENA countries 126
01/01/2022 The influences of telecommunication technology and gender differences on private savings in the Asia–Pacific region 0
03/01/2018 The role of globalization in energy consumption: A quantile cointegrating regression approach 141
03/01/2016 Tourism and growth in Lebanon: new evidence from bootstrap simulation and rolling causality approaches 50
01/01/2012 Volatility spillovers: Evidence on U.S. oil product markets 2


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