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  • Prof. Raad Adham Al-Sammarrai holds a Ph.D. in Private Law from Baghdad University (2005) and a Higher Diploma in Security and Administrative Sciences.

    Prof. Raad's academic experience started in 1996, serving in many academic positions in various universities in the UAE and Iraq. Prof. Raad served as a dean of the faculty of law and international relationships at knowledge university, Erbil. He also served as the head of the law department at Emirates Canadian University College in um-al-Quwain, UAE.

    Prof. Raad organized and attended many legal conferences locally, regionally, and internationally. He is a member of the Iraqi jurists and Iraqi lawyers' union and has served as a certified judicial expert in Iraq.

    Prof. Raad has published internationally and locally many books and research publications in the field of private law. In addition, Prof. Raad supervised and participated in several committees for Ph.D. dissertations.

    Prof. Raad established legal clinics in the Knowledge and Emirates Canadian universities. Prof. Raad also attended and helped with several workshops assisting the lawyer's community in Iraq and in Um-Al Quwain UAE.


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