Advising and Student Success Office

The Advising and Student Success Office is a hub for students to find empowerment in their skills and self-awareness and to provide them with the knowledge needed to succeed as high achievers in their degrees. The Office works to teach students the different student learning resources available offers them a haven to taking advantage of their colleges and the American University in the Emirates as a whole.

The Student Success Office offers a variety of services for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students in general resources, free of charge tutoring and support in strategies that equal academic success. Students are taught to build specific skills and behaviors that guarantee limitless success in their education. Thus, they carry these skills through their careers to shape their future of being an active citizen and an exceptional leader.

All services are free and provided by students and staff, via walk-in or appointment and located at the Student Success Office on the second floor in Block 6.

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the Students Success Office staff on: Tel Nos.: +971 (0)449-9209


Peer-to-peer tutorial services

Academic advising

Academic mentors

Supplemental instruction sessions

Academic workshops