Mr. Umer Sarhan

Instructor, College of Education

Omar Ibrahim Sarhan is a passionate Arabic Language instructor with more than ten-year experience in teaching Arabic Language and Literature. His passion in learning and teaching Arabic Language has started since his childhood; therefore to achieve his dream, he joined the University of Basra in Iraq and got a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language in 2004. However, as a lifelong learner and a researcher, he pursued his graduate studies and got an MA in literary Arabic studies and critics from the International Islamic University of Science in Jordan with (a very good standing).

During his MA study, Omar Sarhan had the opportunity to know and practice new methods of teaching Arabic Language, including teamwork and class discussion, which has qualified him to hold a full-time position in the College of Education at the American University since 24/08/2013 and teach a variety of courses including Arabic Composition, Communication Skills in Arabic, Islamic Culture, and Study and Learning Skills.

The study of ancient and modern Arabic literature, and investigating new and effective communication channels among different cultures, especially between the Arabic and the western cultures are the main areas of interest for his research, and his publications have been in widely- recognized peer-reviewed journal articles.

His belief in empowering students and transferring from old methods of teacher-centered classes towards student-centered classes made his students actively participate in classes and change them from passive learners to active learners.


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