Dr. Zubaidah Al-Dabbagh

Assistant Professor, College of Law

Zubaidah Al Dabbagh

Dr. Zubaidah Al-Dabbagh is an Assistant Professor with a Ph.D. in Physical Education/Sports Management from the University of Baghdad in 2001, a Diploma in Environment, Health and Safety from the Abu Dhabi Center for Environment, Health and Safety in 2014, and a Professional Masters in Sports Law from the American University in the Emirates in the year 2020. 

Dr. Zubaidah Al-Dabbagh worked in the faculty and in the management of sports activities at the Al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad. Followed by the Ministry of Education and then the Abu Dhabi Education Council for the period 2004-2017. 

She has published many articles and researchs, some of which within the Scopus database (in sports law, sports management, psychology, environment, health, safety and nutrition management). She has contributed in many conferences inside and outside the UAE. 

She presented several lectures in centers, clubs and schools, including the Sheikh Mohammed bin Khaled Center, the Equestrian Club, and Zayed House for Islamic Culture. 


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Zubaidah Al Dabbagh

Dr. Zubaidah Al-Dabbagh

Assistant Professor