Dr. Yahia Benlarbi

Assistant Professor, College of Media & Mass Communication

Dr. Yahia Benlarbi

Dr. Yahia Benlarbi is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Public Relations at American University in the Emirates. He is an oriented academic with media experience in areas of public relations and Radio Journalism. 

Dr. Yahia Benlarbi holds a PhD with specialization in Information and Communication Sciences from the University of Oran 2015, University qualification certificate in Media and Communication Sciences from the University of Algiers 2017, and Magister in Media and Communication Sciences 2007 - Corporate Communication Specialization from University of Oran Algeria.  

Research interests of Dr. Yahia are related to Public relations, risk and crisis communication, specialized media, audio media, new media and digital communication. He is an author of numerous conference papers and articles and had a number of successful media appearances on the above-mentioned topics. 

In addition to teaching (more than 14 years), research and media experience, Dr. Yahia is also dedicated to community development and engagement especially in the area of Organizing public relations campaigns, specialized associations (environmental, health). 


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