Dr. Mohammed Abusweilem

Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration

Dr. Mohammed Abusweilem has a PhD in business administration with specialization and research preferences in business process reengineering, TQM, strategy, organizational behavior, teams and group dynamics and management. Also pursuing a second Doctorate in international business including a 6+ years of experience in business development and teaching at a various parts of the world including Jordan, UAE and the silicon valley in California, USA

Dr. Mohammed Abusweilem is Committed to providing quality educational opportunities who has delivered adaptive, passionate, and outstanding post-secondary instruction focused on Business Administration. Delivers the full spectrum of teaching responsibilities from curriculum development in line with academic standards, student curriculum in compliance with credit and transfer regulations, student evaluation / grading, and engaging content that promotes a love of lifelong learning and self-reflection among on-campus students, non-traditional returning students, and students engaged through distance learning endeavors. Experienced in standards and frameworks, curriculum planning, instructional strategies, and creating / structuring positive and engaging environments that maximize learning. Imaginative and versatile educator who advocates that the learning process is diverse and multi-faceted yet contains unifying threads of purpose in addressing the individual student. Well-versed in the use of formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate student progress. Recognizes differences in backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and learning styles; utilizes effective communication skills to foster student learning.


Block 7, 1st Floor, 30


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