Dr. Jehad Qwaider

Assistant Professor / Program Director - Intellectual Property, College of Law

Jehad Saleh Qwaider Baniyniss

Dr. Jihad Saleh Bani Younes holds a PhD. in Private Law from Amman Arab University for graduate studies. He worked as a lawyer from 1997 in Jordan until 2013. Dr. Jihad held the position of legal advisor to the Department of Economic Technology in the Emirate of Ajman until 2017 and worked as a trainer of legal subjects.

Dr. Jihad has extensive teaching experience in the field of Civil Law and Intellectual property at the undergraduate and graduate level in various Universities in the United Arab Emirates, including the American University in the Emirates. Dr. Bani Youssef has published research publications on intellectual property and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Jihad is an active member of the Union of Arab Cadres and Thinkers of the League of Arab States

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Jehad Saleh Qwaider Baniyniss

Dr. Jehad Qwaider

Assistant Professor / Program Director - Intellectual Property

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