Dr. Chadli Lakhdar

Assistant Professor, College of Media & Mass Communication

Dr. Lakhdar Chadli has a PhD in Art sciences, specializing in Cinema – Television - Production and New Media.

He previously served as an assistant professor at Regional School of Fine Arts at Mostaganem University-Algeria and Higher Institute for performance and audiovisual Arts (ISMAS) Algiers - ISIS Academy of sound and images - Montreal-Canada.

Dr Lakhdar Chadli, a Media and Communication professor who specializes
in the development of film, television and interactive Media works at L`institut National de l`Image et du Son INIS – Montreal, whose pedagogy is based on Theory and practice, the understanding of professional realities of backgrounds in Quebec and Canada by offering individuals and firms training programs and tutoring.

Dr. Chadli is a multimedia professional, director, producer, lecturer, journalist, and teacher, experienced in the development of live news, talk shows and current affairs programming, advertising and PR in the Media Industry, Researcher in Investigative Journalism.

Recipient of four international film awards, and a history of directing and producing over 35 documentaries, Launching TV Channels.


Executive producer - director for Current Affairs and Programs

Abu Dhabi Television Satellite Channel.

Director for News and Current Affairs,

News Center – Abu Dhabi TV

Supervisor for News Research Department

Areas of Specialization

Visual Media, Cinema, Television, Production, Journalism, Advertising and PR in Media Industry Communication.


Block 7, 1st Floor, 30


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