Welcome to the Department of Student Services!

The years you will spend at the American University in the Emirates will forever remain with you not only because of the memories you will create but because of the many ways you will grow and transform as an individual.

At AUE we believe that it is our central responsibility to enable you to pursue your intellectual, professional and personal growth so that you may graduate as well-rounded, responsible, world-citizens capable of becoming leaders in an increasingly complex world.

Each of the Offices under the Department of Student Services is designed to cater to your specific needs at critical times in your University career. Whether from your first days via the Office of Student Recruitment, to your engagement in in the variety of opportunities offered to you both inside and outside the classroom via the Office of Student Life, or your first steps into the professional world via the Office of Careers and Internship, or your graduation day via the Office of Alumni- we are all here to help you fulfill your highest potential.

With every step you take at AUE the Department of Student Services will be there to support you as you pursue “The Pathway to Success” where “Nothing is Impossible”.

Ms. Sumayyah Alsaberi,
Director - Student Services
Email: [email protected] | Phone: 044499201