Assistant Professor - College of Media and Mass Communication
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  • Mrs. Elizabeth Matar is an Assistant Professor in the College of Media and Mass Communication is a documentary filmmaker and producer of narrative and animated videos, teaching in the Department of Media and Mass Communications. Ten-second animations to multi-continent productions, it’s her focus on the individual that has netted her numerous international prizes, including three gold Tellys, and she was named an “expert” in a documentary film by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Cultural Affairs.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Matar has an M.F.A. in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas, and a B.A. from the University of Memphis in Communications, with a minor in Journalism and newspaper writing and editing experience. After ten years of teaching experience, she is currently also completing her Doctorate in Media and Communications from the University of Hamburg.

    Mrs. Matar excels in interviewing, crafting stories, and leading teams from diverse backgrounds to make moving audiovisual experiences. A frequent presenter at conferences, a former elected board member of the University Film and Video Association and having had the pleasure of serving on many festival juries and grant decisions, Matar loves connecting passionate students with industry opportunities and her broad professional network.


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