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  • Mrs. Mai Zoheir is an Assistant Professor in the College of Design at the American University of the Emirates. She obtained her MFA degree in Fine Arts/Visual communication, a major in Graphics, from Helwan University. She also has a Web design diploma from the CPD-certified YAT Learning Center, along with other professional certificates.

    Mrs. Mai is a practice-oriented academic with extensive industry experience in the areas of Graphic Design, Visual Arts, and Printmaking.

    Working within exhibitions, advertising agencies, and publishing corporations, Mrs. Mai held leadership positions across different industries, and she has achieved an exceptional record of accomplishments across these workplaces.

    At the publishing corporation, she developed a tips and tricks manual to speed up the production cycle. She was nominated to be the trainer for six graphic design teams. In consulting agency, she was the graphic designer team leader, and she used to higher the level up of consulting process in the agency.

    Mrs. Mai Zohair publishing interests are in education, Printmaking, Art and Design, Art history, Art movements, AR, VR, and the metaverse.

    Mrs. Mai has participated in several Art exhibitions and Biennales in Egypt and UAE and received an acquisition award for one of her Graphic Artworks from the “Museum of Modern Egyptian Art” in Cairo Opera House, and a permanent display painting about UAE Heritage in Dubai UAE.


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