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  • Mr. Naif Al Bidh has earned his MSc in International Relations at the University of Aberdeen and an MA in Intellectual History at the University of Sussex. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Philosophy of History at Keele University. His research interests range from secessionism, federalism, territorial integrity, and self-determination under international law. These research interests shaped his curiosity about the issues of regionalism and Southern secessionism within Yemen. His contribution titled Pandemonium in Yemen, published in the Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Villanova University Summer 2022), focuses on de-Orientalizing the Arab Spring Uprisings with a specific focus on the case study of Yemen.

    His current research revolves around questions on substantive and speculative philosophy of history with a primary focus on Oswald Spengler’s philosophy of world history. His most recent publication is “Brave Pessimism”: The Clash of Caesarism and Democracy within Spengler’s Philosophy of History (2022), with the Philosophical Journal of Violence and Conflict, which aims to shed light on Spengler’s argument regarding the future of the West and the disintegration of Western politics. His most recent research dives into questions regarding the recurring relevance of speculative philosophy of history in the 21st century and the implications of this phenomenon.

    Mr. Naif Al Bidh has also worked for the Southern Transitional Council and served as the coordinator of the Office of the Special Representative of the President for Foreign Affairs (SPRFA). The SPRFA’s is responsible for the STC’s multilateral and bilateral foreign relations, as well as coordinating and communicating with NGO’s, think tanks, and journalists. Mr. Naif Al Bidh has taught courses in World History & Middle at the American University in the Emirates, and is currently giving courses in Political Science and UAE & GCC society.