What is the Institutional Review Board (IRB)?

The Institutional Review Board’s role is to provide the directions, advice and support to the Office of Research on the ethics in research. Moreover, the IRB is responsible for the ethical review of all research proposals to ensure that the rights, dignity and wellbeing of human and animal subjects are adequately protected and that the matters of confidentiality are respected. The IRB reports to the AUE Provost.

What are the objectives of the IRB?

  1. Ethical review of all research proposals and when needed, develop specific codes, rules and policies relating to research ethics to facilitate the protection of the University’s intellectual property while encouraging collaboration.
  2. Investigate any reported breach of ethical standards in research activities by faculty members, students, professional staff and academic visitors.
  3. Advice faculty members, students, professional staff and academic visitors to perform the research in a responsible, honest, and impartial manner and to comply with the AUE policy on plagiarism and research misconduct.

Members of the IRB


            Vice President for Research


Faculty - College of Security and Global Studies

Faculty - College of Business Administration

Faculty - College of Media and Mass Communication

Faculty - College of Law

Faculty - College of Computer Information Technology

Faculty - College of Education

Faculty - College of Design

Faculty - College of Education

Support Staff

Research Assistant