One of the things that makes American University in the Emirates different to other universities in the United Arab Emirates, is our belief that critical reading, thinking and writing skills will be crucial to the future of our students, and the future of the United Arab Emirates.

In line with this, one of ORA Research Strategic Goals is to offer research assistance to students through a research clinic and seminars on technical knowhow of research and to encourage entrepreneurial culture among AUE graduate and undergraduate students. 

Below is a selection of some of the researches our students have recently published. This work is on file at the university library, which we invite prospective students to visit on campus.

CollegeStudent IDStudent NameSupervisorInitial Thesis
Registration Semester
Thesis Topic
CSGS142420013Abdulla Ali Saeed Ruwaished AlNeyadiDr. Spyridon PlakoudasSpring 2015 - 2016Methods to Prevent and Fight Money Laundering and The Financing of Terrorism
CSGS142420009Jumana Mohammed Malalla Mohammed GhanemProf. Golam MostafaSpring 2015 - 2016A Regional Emergency Management Centre in GCC for Nuclear and Radiological Crisis
CSGS152410017Amani Saif AlhajAli Ahmed AbdullaProf. Golam MostafaSpring 2016 - 2017The UAE Role in Yemen War
CSGS152420005Maryam Ahmad Abdulla AlDelail AlRemeithiProf. Golam MostafaSpring 2016 - 2017US-Saudi Relations During the Obama Administration: Challenges and Prospects
CSGS152420015Hazar Hilmi AlKatleshProf. Golam MostafaSpring 2016 - 2017UN Diplomatic Roles in Resolving the Syrian Crisis
CSGS152410020Bader Mohammed Saif Mohammed AlMentheriDr. Aleksandar VidojevicSummer 2016 - 2017The Persian Risk to the UAE Homeland Security
CSGS152420013Asma Abdulla Humaid Alqama AlsuwaidiProf. Golam MostafaSummer 2016 - 2017Feminist Contribution in IR
CSGS132420011Omar Abdulla Ahmed AlJalah AlTeneijiDr. Aleksandar VidojevicFall 2017 - 2018Terrorism in International Law
CSGS152430002Mohammed Dehai Khalifa Dehai ALKaabiDr. Eldar SaljicFall 2017 - 2018The Impact of Prospective Illegal Immigration on The UAE National Security
CSGS132420024El Yazia Sultan Mohamed Saeed AlSuwaidiDr. Florine AsselbergsFall 2017 - 2018The Security Mitigation Strategies Developed and Implemented to Achieve a Highly Secured Air Cargo System – the Case of UAE
CSGS122410011Nasser Abdulrahim Abdulla AbdulrahimDr. Spyridon PlakoudasFall 2017 - 2018Halal Food and Food Security in the UAE
CSGS132420006Mahmood Mohammed Mohamed Sharif MahmoodDr. Spyridon PlakoudasFall 2017 - 2018Security Cooperation Between The UAE And The UK
CSGS152420018Ahmed Saeed Ateeq Salem AlKhemeiriDr. Eldar SaljicSpring 2017 - 2018Corporate Security as a Factor in National Security
CSGS162420002Hajir Barout Mousa Barout AlbaroutDr. Eldar SaljicSpring 2017 - 2018The role of Environmental Security in the Protection of Human and National Security with special mentions regarding Oil Pollution
CSGS172710003Saeed Rashid Ali Mohammed AlshehhiDr. Fakhry AhmedSpring 2017 - 2018Economic Impact of the UAE National Service Program on UAE market
CSGS152420020Ruqaiah Saeed Salem Al-AreqiDr. Florine AsselbergsSpring 2017 - 2018The GCC Customs Union role in the region and the future foresight (economic and security)
CSGS142430017Hamdan Khalifa Sultan Alaqroobi AlsuwaidiDr. Spyridon PlakoudasSpring 2017 - 2018The US Digital Diplomacy under the Trump Administration - Lessons for the UAE
CSGS162420011Ali Salem Ali Obaid AlShamsiDr. Spyridon PlakoudasSpring 2017 - 2018The Qatar Crisis: Origins, Course and Possible Outcome
CSGS162420015Haveen Othman QaderDr. Spyridon PlakoudasSpring 2017 - 2018The US – Kurdistan relations - Lessons for the United Arab Emirates' foreign policy in the Middle East
CSGS142430007Ahmed Abdulla Mohammed Mesfer AlDhaheriProf. Dusko TomicSpring 2017 - 2018Border security in United Arab Emirates
CSGS152410006Ahmad Abdulla Ali Mohammed H AlJawaliProf. Dusko TomicSpring 2017 - 2018Security Monitoring of the Terrorist Organization „AL-QAEDA“
CSGS162420010Hasan Abdulla Abdullateef Jasem ShurafaDr. Mohamed AlbeshrSpring 2017 - 2018Insiders Threats to the Critical Infrastructure of UAE
CSGS162420012Nada Humaid Mohamed Alowaim AlhemeiriDr. Mohamed AlbeshrSpring 2017 - 2018Analyzing Various Security Threats Associated with EXPO 2020 in Dubai
CSGS162420016Mohamed Salmeen Salem Juma AlNuaimiProf. Dusko TomicSpring 2017 - 2018How National Service Becomes the Backbone of National Security in the United Arab Emirates
CSGS172710016Waleed Juma Khalifa Abushibs Al AliProf. Dusko TomicSpring 2017 - 2018Crisis Management in Critical Infrastructure Protection in UAE
CSGS172710011Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed AlNaqbiDr. Spyridon PlakoudasSummer 2017 - 2018Countering state-sponsored propaganda. Case study of Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Lessons for the UAE Security Strategy
CSGS142430004Salim Rashed Khalaf Mohamed AlZaabiProf. Dusko TomicSummer 2017 - 2018The Nulear Emergency Management System in The UAE
CSGS142430009Asma Ali Ahmed Hussain Dr. Aleksandar VidojevicFall 2018 - 2019The UAE Defense strategy towards 4th and 5th generations of warfare
CSGS172710015Dyana Mhd Riad Nassan AghaDr. Spyridon PlakoudasFall 2018 - 2019The Russian Intervention in The Syrian Crisis
CSGS172410001Rashed Theyab Ghanim Rashed AlmazroueiProf. Dusko TomicFall 2018 - 2019Human Trafficking as Part of Organized Crime - Methods of Detection and Means of Prevention in UAE
CSGS172710028Saif Ali Salem Saeed AlkaabiProf. Dusko TomicFall 2018 - 2019The Role of SAR in UAE Homeland Security
CSGS172710013Asma Ahmad Mohammad Saeed AldoobiDr. Aleksandar VidojevicSpring 2018 - 2019Cultural Diplomacy: A Case for The UAE
CSGS172710031Mohammad Mubarak Rashed Mohammad AlajmaniDr. Aleksandar VidojevicSpring 2018 - 2019The role of the UAE Armed forces in providing security and stability in Yemen
CSGS172710034Hamad Mubarak Balaswad Balaswad AlDereiDr. Dawn BolgerSpring 2018 - 2019The Role of Forensic Psychology in Intelligence Analysis
CSGS172720003Humaid Thani Obaid Thani AlShamsiDr. Dawn BolgerSpring 2018 - 2019An Examination of Intelligence Studies in the UAE
CSGS172720008Yousef Sultan AlaliDr. Dawn BolgerSpring 2018 - 2019The Role of Intelligence in the confrontation of ISIS 3.0 and recommendations for UAE
CSGS172710033Buthaina Ahmed Juma Saleh ShanbihDr. Dawn BolgerSpring 2018 - 2019Safety Aspects of the Use of Drones in UAE
CSGS172720001Eissa Suhail Mohamed Abdulla AlMheiriDr. Dawn BolgerSpring 2018 - 2019Cryptocurrencies and their Impact on the National Security of UAE
CSGS172720006Alia Alsharqi obaid Surour AlketbiDr. Dawn BolgerSpring 2018 - 2019The Rise and Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE
CSGS172710020Ali Hassan Obaid AlShehhiDr. Eldar SaljicSpring 2018 - 2019Artificial Intelligence and its Place in the United Arab Emirates Security System
CSGS172710035Marwa Mohamad Abdulrahman MohamadDr. Florine AsselbergsSpring 2018 - 2019
CSGS172720009Aisha Saeed AlmararDr. Florine AsselbergsSpring 2018 - 2019The Effect of Geospatial Intelligence on Homeland Security
CSGS152410026Lama A. A. AlfozanDr. Florine AsselbergsSpring 2018 - 2019The fourth industrial revolution in KSA and its economic and security challenges
CSGS172720004Khuloud Shehab Hamad Ali Al JunaibiDr. Spyridon PlakoudasSpring 2018 - 2019Rehabilitation programs as a model for re-integrating ex-violent extremists back into UAE’s society
CSGS152410031Ibrahim Ali Mohamed AlhudaidiProf. Dusko TomicSpring 2018 - 2019The Threat of Terrorism on the World Economy, with Focus on the United Arab Emirates
CSGS172710029Shaikh Faisal Saqer Rashed Ahmed AlQasimiDr. Mohamed AlbeshrSpring 2018 - 2019Safety Aspects of Security of Sports Events in UAE
CSGS172730004Ahmad Mubarak Bilal Aldelail AlremeithiDr. Mohamed AlbeshrSpring 2018 - 2019Prevention of Possible crisis in the UAE tourism Industry
CSGS172730007Khalid ShaheenProf. Dusko TomicSpring 2018 - 2019Prevention of terrorism on the internet-case study of the UAE
CSGS172710017Khalil Mahmoud AltubajiProf. Golam MostafaSpring 2018 - 2019Turkish-Iranian Competition and Challenge in The Middle East (1996-2018)
CSGS172720007Sultan Mohammed Rashed Ahmed AlNasriDr. Eldar SaljicSpring 2018 - 2019
CSGS172720010Asma Mohammad JanahiProf. Golam MostafaSpring 2018 - 2019
CSGS162420014Mohamed Ibrahim Abdulaziz Mohamed BumajeedDr. Spyridon PlakoudasSpring 2018 - 2019
CSGS172730006Ali Hasan Mohammed AlHusaini Al TeneijiDr. Eldar SaljicSpring 2018 - 2019The Role of Cyber Security Agencies as Part of National Security System
CSGS112420023Harib Darwish AlshihiDr. Fakhry AhmedSpring 2018 - 2019Parasites and Pesticides: A threat to international security?
CSGS142420014Hasnaa ZahidProf. Golam MostafaSpring 2018 - 2019Foreign Policy of Morocco
CLAW172810015Mariam Eisa Ali Eisa Alshamsiد . إيهاب الروسانالفصل الدراسي الاول 2018 -2019جريمة التهرب الضريبي
CLAW172810019Hassan Salim Hassan Bin Rakad Al-Aliد . إيهاب الروسانالفصل الدراسي الصيفي 2017 -2018الحماية الجزائية للمال الالكتروني
CLAW172810025Yasamin Mohammed Khalidد . إيهاب الروسانالفصل الدراسي الاول 2018 -2019الجرائم الالكترونية الوقعة على الاشخاص في قانون جرائم تقنية المعلومات الاماراتي 2012
CLAW172810034Majed Salem Khalfan Fadhel Albedwawiد . إيهاب الروسانالفصل الدراسي الثاني 2018 -2019مبدأ اقليمية النص الجزائي
CLAW172810008Jamal Yousuf Abdulla Ali Alshamarد . إيهاب الروسانالفصل الدراسي الاول 2018 -2019الوسائل العلمية الحديثة في التحقيق الجنائي
CLAW172810024Hamad Ghadayer Matar Ghadayer AlKetbiد . أيمن هواوشةالفصل الدراسي الاول 2018 -2019مكافحة تمويل التنظيمات الارهابية بالعملات الرقمية
CLAW172810004Ahmed Saeed Bakheet Salem AlkatheeriProf. Abed Fayed Fall 2018 - 2019الرقابة القضائية على أحكام التحكيم في ضوء قانون التحكيم الاماراتي الجديد
CLAW172810006Ahmed Salem Ali Bakheet AlRashdiProf. Abed Fayed Fall 2018 - 2019التحكيم في منازعات سباقات القدرة والتحمل في الإمارات العربية المتحدة
CLAW172810027Noura Taissir MohamedProf. Abed Fayed Fall 2018 - 2019حياد المحكم في التحكيم التجاري الدولي
CLAW172810016Hanien Abdulkarim Makki AlmakdoumProf. Abed Fayed Fall 2018 - 2019إجراءات التحكيم بين قواعد محاكم مركز دبي المالي وقانون التحكيم الإماراتي
CLAW142810020Rashid Ali Salim Nasir AlRawiDr. Mohammed Al-AwjarFall 2018 - 2019الواقع التشريعي لحوكمة الاندية الرياضية بدولة الامارات العربية المتحدة
CLAW142830002Ma'moun Saleh Thalgi Al-DrousDr. Mohammed Al-AwjarSpring 2018 - 2019اجراءات التحكيم في فض المنازعات الرياضة بين القواعد الوطنية واللوائح الدولية في المملكة الاردنية الهاشمية والامارات العربية المتحدة
CLAW152810018Khalid Juma Almas Mubarak AlhattawiProf. Tarek MohamedFall 2017 - 2018
CLAW162820010Khawla Ismail Ali AlhammadiDr. Mohammad Al ArmmanFall 2018 - 2019التأمين ضد المخاطر في الرياضات البحرية
COBA122210080Rashed Ibrahim AliProf. Assem TharwatSpring 2017 - 2018Road Accidents: Cause and Concerns for Traffic Jams: A Study in Dubai
COBA152210012Ghulam Kareem Ahmad AliProf. Assem Tharwat Fall 2017 - 2018Strategic Sourcing Approach for Procurement: Benefits and Process Improvements
COBA162210020Mohamed Ahmed Khalifa AlNadhiq AlDhuhooriDr. Tahir MasoodSpring 2018 - 2019The Relationship between Leadership style and Personality traits.
COBA162210016Abdulla Sultan Abdulla Bin Demaithan AlqemziN/ASpring 2018 - 2019N/A
COBA172210022Nour M.Khair IbrahimProf. Kamilla SwartFall 2018 - 2019The Impact of Instructional Technology on the Quality of Teaching and Learning in the Business School in the UAE.
COBA152230001Khalid Ahmed Mohamed ElaghilProf. Kamilla SwartFall 2018 - 2019Yemeni Football Association Governance Framework:Challenges and Improvements
COBA172210014Abdulrazzaq Rajaa AbdulrazzaqN/AFall 2018 - 2019Effect of Psychology in Sports Management: Relationship of Psychology and Sports Management