Professor Mohammed Al-Zyoudi

Dean / Professor, College of Education

Professor Mohammed Alzyoudi is Professor of Special Education; Prof. Alzyoudi received his PhD in special education from Queens University Belfast.  He is a bilingual expert in the field of special education with over than 25 years of experience. He has worked as an Assistant Dean for students affairs at Mutah University in Jordan. He has also worked also as a Director of Community based Rehabilitant Institute in Jordan.  Prof. Alzyoudi served as a consultant on several programs related to special education and gifted education in several countries (Jordan, KSA, UAE, and Oman). Prof. Al-Zyoudi has B.A in Psychology and M.A and PhD in special education.

Prof. Al-Zyoudi research interest areas including autism, early childhood, assessment, inclusive education, emotional and behavioral disorders. Prof. Al Zyoudi published several research articles in peer-reviewed international publications in cooperation with different authors around the world. He led several national research grants in the fields of special education. He served as a reviewer, guest reviewer and an editorial board member for prestigious peer-reviewed journals. He gave several presentations in various international and regional conferences on issues of inclusion and teaching and assessing students with special needs. He supervised or sat on the panels of over 45 Master’s and Doctoral dissertations in the UAE and beyond.

In addition to teaching, and research, Prof. Alzyoudi is also dedicated to community development and engagement especially in the area of special education.

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Prof. Mohammed Alzyoudi

Dean / Professor

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