Prof. Marwan Al-Akaidi

Professor, College of Computer Information Technology

Professor Al-Akaidi have proven track record, skills, experience and reputation which, together with comprehensive networks, would enabled him to build the university’s Research Excellence Framework results and to motivate and support the academic community to gain greater success over future years. I have over 25 years’ experience of conducting state of the art applied research where he stablished Multimedia Wireless & Mobile Communications, supported by Vodafone, Orange and O2, Nokia and many other industries.

His research addressing real life problems, both in industry and academia, published over 200 papers in national and international journals and conferences.

He  has been invited to attended over 30 national and International conferences as a guest speaker and chaired over 40 national & international conferences, published a book titled “Fractal Speech Coding”, which is unique in the field. He supervised successfully over 45 MPhil/PhD, 150 MSc and examined over 30 PhD studnets in UK & abroad.

Chairman of the Modelling & simulation Middle East Conference, co-founder of Eurosis.

Editor-in-Chief & Associate Editor-In-Chief for more than 5 international journals,

Reviewed over 60 Books & over 700 Papers for Journal Editors,

IEE (IET), IEEE, Computer Simulation Journals, and many other publishers.


Block 7, 1st Floor, 30


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