Prof. Golam Mostafa

Professor / Director of Master in Diplomacy

Area of Research Interest

International Political Economy, Integration, Security and Central Asian studies


Book Chapter on “Political Parties in Kazakhstan” (co-authored, first author) "A Handbook on Political Party Funding”, edited by Jonathan Mendelow and published by Edward Elgar Publishing, New York, London, 2017.


1. Mostafa, G. (2017). “China’s Growing Economic ties with Middle East and its Strategic Goals and Objectives” (ID: CIMSSR-00623), to be presented at the 5th GCBSS on Contemporary Issues in Management and Social Sciences Research, Malaysia, May 4-5, 2017, published in Scopus Indexed International Journal of Economics and Management.

2. Mostafa, G. (2017). Kazakhstan–BRICS Economic Cooperation: Exploring the Possibilities (Co-authored, second author), accepted for publication in 2017, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, An International Peer Reviewed Journal, published by Taylor and Francis and ranked by Thomson-Reuter.

3. Mostafa, G. (2017). Eurasian Economic Integration (EEU): Challenges and Future Directions, submitted to Journal of Eurasian Studies, published by Elsevier International publications, under review.

4. Mostafa, G. (2016). Economic Integration in Eurasia: Challenges and Opportunities, published in Journal of World Review of Business Papers, October, Vol. 6, No.2., International peer reviewed journal, published by World Business Institute in Australia.

5. Mostafa, G. (2016), The New Silk Road and Its Implications for Regional Integration in Eurasia”, a paper presented at the 13th KIMEP International Research Conferences (KIRC), held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on April 8-9, published in the proceeding.

6. Mostafa, G. (2015. BRICS as a Block of Emerging Countries and its Challenge to Developed Economies, a paper presented at the 2015 Annual Conference of the Emerging Markets Conference Board on “REDEFINING VALUE FOR EMERGING MARKETS IN IMT DUBAI, DUBAI CAMPUS”, UAE, January 20-22, published in the Conference Proceedings.

7. Mostafa, G. & Mahmood, M. (2015). The Rise of BRICS and Its Challenge to G7, International Journal of Emerging Markets, Emerald Publication, Vol. 9, Issue 3, July 2015.

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Prof. Golam Mustafa

Professor / Director of Master in Diplomacy