Ms. Karoline Molaeb

Instructor, College of Education

Ms. Karoline Molaeb earned her Master’s Degree with high distinction in International Affairs from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut. She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business (GPA 3.93) and a certificate in International Criminal Law and Procedure.  She completed both her degrees on an LAU scholarship awarded with honors every semester. Ms. Molaeb received the highest score in the Inter-University program on International Criminal Law and Procedure 2016-2017 that was organized by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. She was granted a study visit trip to The Hague.

In addition, Ms. Molaeb served as a research assistant at the Lebanese American University for three years. Her core research areas involve: Power-sharing in Divided Societies, Confessionalism, Statelessness, Violence, Conflict and Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Sectarianism in the Middle East, Electoral Laws, and Politics of Identity. During her graduate years, she was appointed as a course coordinator and assistant lecturer in Introduction to Politics courses. Also of Belarusian origin, she has cooperated with the Embassy of Belarus in Lebanon by attending and monitoring several roundtable discussions concerning the Belarusian diaspora in Lebanon.

Ms. Molaeb’s experience also includes serving as  the coordinator of the Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution at LAU. She has organized and moderated various workshops and conferences including “Citizenship and Statelessness”, “Arts and Politics: A Mutual Relation”, “International conference for Conflict Mitigation, Dialogue & Reconciliation in Syria”, and “Syrian Refugee Crisis: Access to Justice for Syrian Communities”.

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