Ms. Casiana Pascariu

Instructor, College of Education

Mrs. Casiana Pascariu is a cultural anthropologist and currently a Full-Time Faculty at the American University in the Emirates. She earned her master’s degree in Anthropology from Washington State University, where she was trained in all four fields of Anthropology.  Mrs. Casiana earned her Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Arizona State University (Magna Cum Laude).  Prior to teaching at the AUE, she taught at the Maricopa Community Colleges, AZ, USA, and Washington State University, WA, USA.

Her teaching methods focuses on internationalized learning environments, always drawing examples and definitions from different parts of the world. The assignments are aimed to foster critical thinking, multicultural communication, and leadership skills in a globalizing world. Mrs. Casiana research focuseson minorities in education, and the impact of westernization in developing countries. Through her work and volunteer experience, she was exposed to different cultures and social issues that made her want to immerse into research from a sociological and anthropological perspective.

Some of the researched she conducted was with elderly Emirati nationals, Roma children in Romania, Saudi women in United States and the American University Greek system in USA. At AUE, Mrs. Casiana collaborated with the Government of Dubai (Community Development Authority) for her research as well as involving her student in research and community outreach. Therefore, AUE was awarded by the Government of Dubai, due to the volunteer work done by the Sociology students.

Besides the teaching social science courses, Mrs. Casiana has an enduring passion for traveling; on her bucket list is to set foot on every country in this world.

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