Human Resources Department

AUE HRD, ISO 9001:2008 certified administrative department exists to keep a rational, unbiased, and optimistic work atmosphere for all stakeholders including faculty members, academic administrators, administrative employees, AUE candidates, national and international accreditation bodies, different national government bodies and outsourced services partners in support of the mission of the institution. We do believe that the success of any institution is mainly related to its workforce; and that the growth of the utmost potential for all employees will generate job gratification and career chances for persons and deliver supreme advantage to the institution.

Mission: Excellence & Supremacy in Stakeholders Satisfaction.

AUE is dedicated to be one of the leading higher educational institutions, providing an integrated pathway for students to become creative, effective, and productive members of the community.

AUE is committed to offer quality, multidisciplinary, research and career-oriented academic degree programs that prepare students for successful employment and continuing higher education.

In line with the University vision, the Human Resources department is committed to attract and retain high talent and provide a great working environment to the academic and administrative staff. The Human resources department is an important stakeholder in achieving the mission and promoting the core values of the University.

The Human Resources Department supports the university by delivering excellence in all human aspect from recruiting to personal development and career growth while focusing on the diversity, teamwork, respect and embracing the local community and the UAE culture.

The Human Resources Department Promotes high performance, reward and recognition initiatives and continuously improve the employee service processes to achieve the institutional effectiveness. The Human Resources Department is continually striving to ensure a healthy environment that support learning and continuous improvement of all community members.

We want to recruit and retain the highest quality people and we want you to choose us as your employer of choice.

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Mr. Karim Maataoui
Director of Human Resources

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the HR team on:, Email : [email protected]

Thank you

Human Resources Department Vision

Be a solid, Stakeholders concentrated, and service focused department.

Chase excellence in the improvement and execution of Human Resources best practices to the extent that we strengthen our brand by becoming Great Place to Work – Certified in the United Arab Emirates.

Draw and execute processes and procedures that are aligned with international Human Resources best practices taking advantage of latest technologies provided by AUE software development department

Consult with administrative departments’ managers and directors, and different colleges academic administrators in the management of our Human Resources Department under their guidance and partnership and simplify their ability to contribute in HRD achievements.

Act as a supplier and creator of happiness to admin and faculty employees in supporting them to make necessary decisions regarding employment and daily life issues.

Set the standards to be a transparent department in terms of circulating and sharing information with all stakeholders while insuring the confidentiality measures.

Reinforce the development of all successful and talent employees to maximize their contribution to the overall growth of the institution