Dr. Victor Jeffrey Shires

Associate Professor, College of Media and Mass Communication


Dr. Jeff Shires earned a Ph.D. (1998) from the University of Missouri-Columbia in Communication-Media Studies. His dissertation focused on applying the theories of Mikhail Bakhtin to the media through the lens of British Cultural Studies. He received a MA (1994) from Indiana State University in Communication where he primarily focused upon Bakhtin’s description of the Bildungsroman, showing how the classic television program M*A*S*H, through the character of Hawkeye Pierce, demonstrated actual character learning and growth that mirrored the program’s physical setting. His research focuses on the work of Bakhtin and his influences to examine how interaction with the media affects the development of the individual’s concept of self. A second strand of research focuses on the importance of the liberal arts in developing reasoned individuals which can counteract the media’s influence. His areas of expertise include social media, British Cultural Studies, and Bakhtin’s writings on the individual as architectonic. unity.

Dr. Shires has taught at three previous institutions, Campbellsville University, Wartburg College, and Purdue University North Central/Northwest, where he developed and taught courses in mass communication theory, mass media ethics and law, communication and emerging technologies, broadcast production, and American humor. He has worked with countless students on individual study projects, including projects that led to conference presentations and publications. Dr. Shires is a Fellow of the Society for Values in Higher Education which awarded him the Robert Spivey Award for his research. A few of his recent publications include:

“Merger, Acquisition, Hostile Takeover: Unification of Two Colleges.” Organization Development Journal. 37:3 (2019): 31-44 (with Henry Williams and Cynthia Roberts).

“Can Personal Identity Survive Personalization?” The Forum for Values in Higher Education. 7 Feb. 2019, svheforum.com/.

“The Civic Benefits of the Trivium.” Liberal Education and the Idea of the University. Eds. Karim Dharamsi and Jim Zimmer. Wilmington, DE.: Vernon Press 2018, pp. 103-120.

“The Bully Chamber: Creation of the Funhouse Self from Distorted Media.” International Journal of Digital Television. 8:3 (2017): 309-320 (with Nel Oyessa Orgel).

“Mikhail Bakhtin.”  Dialogue Theories II.  Ed. Frances Sleap.  London: Dialogue Society, 2016, pp, 29-42.

His recent presentations include:

“Can Personal Identity Survive Personalization:  Persons, Personal Identity, Algorithms, and the Masses” presented to the 94th meeting of the Society for Values in Higher Education, Seattle, Washington, July 2018

“The Civic Benefits of the Trivium” presented at the Liberal Education Conference 2017: The Idea of the University & the State of Liberal Education in the 21st Century, Calgary, Alberta, April 2017

“The Funhouse Self” presented at the What is Life? Conference, Portland, OR, April 2017

“Mergers, Acquisitions, Hostile Take-overs: The Unification of Two College Campuses" presented to 13th ADERSE (Association for the Development of Education and Research on Corporate Responsibility) conference, Lyon, France, June 2016 (with Cynthia Roberts and Henry Williams).

“Modalities and the Development of the Mediated Self” presented at the 15th International Bakhtin Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, July 2014

“Mikhail Bakhtin” electronically presented at Dialogue Theories II Conference, London, England, June 2014

“I-for-the-self and the Myself-for-the-I: The Continual Recreation of the Self in the World” poster presented at Psychology and the Other Conference, Cambridge, MA, October 2013


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