Dr. Srinivas Nowduri

Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration

After completing his basic education in 1984, Dr. Nowduri earned his master’s degree in applied mathematics from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal, AP INDIA in 1986. Thereafter did Ph.D. in Computer Science, in the field of Artificial Intelligence, from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore INDIA in 1997. His professional career is started as a configuration manager at CG Smith Software Company in Bangalore INDIA, for two years, there after he quickly moved to Academics.

During 20+ years of career in Academia, he has worked in different academic positions, sweeping through different computer related fields (both in teaching and research), such as software engineering, management information systems, digital forensics and cyber security. From the beginning days of Ph.D. completion, start working at various academic institutions across globe such as Mexico, Lebanon, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Canada, Afghanistan, UK and USA.

Particularly in US served for four premier institutions viz., University of Nevada, NV, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, PA, State University of New York, NY, finally in US Coast Guard |Academy, CT, before join in AUE. Each institution immensely pored their rich academic standards/culture make me an academician today. Experience with undergraduate and graduation careers, especially in several applied technology courses, such as management information systems, systems analysis and design and software engineering, make good researcher abilities.

His teaching experience is in depth rooted from three different directions viz., Education as a survival mechanism, as an inbuilt culture, and a routine activity. Teaching experience in western world, also resulted in support to theoretical foundation for fast growing technology track.

In Academia he published his research work in various national and international journals, along with supervising four Ph.D. students and several undergrad/grad thesis. He has also served in several university committees such as Search and Screen Committee, Library Committee, Textbook committee, Curriculum Development Committee, etc. worked in several service Worked


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