Dr. Noor Hasbi Yusoff

Assistant Professor / Department Chair - Media & Mass Communication,
College of Media & Mass Communication

Dr. Noor Hasbi Yusoff is an assistant professor of media and communications in the College of Media and Mass Communications. Dr. Noor is also a visual artist who explores ways to increase intercultural competency across academia and professional practice through inclusively responsive visual epistemology. He created #visualepistemology on social media to understand and develop strategies to acquire intercultural knowledge through creative practice.

In 2007, with the guidance of his mentor, Qais Al Muhib, Dr. Noor presented his mixed and new media solo exhibition, titled Tirta Nirmaya, at the Frankston Art Centre in Victoria, Australia. The exhibition was recognized as a visual epistemological discourse and accepted as part of Dr. Noor’s practice-based research dissertation. Dr. Noor continually challenges himself to produce, research and study artworks that can be catalysts for knowledge acquisition and construction.

Dr. Noor began his teaching career at the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore as a Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator in 2002. He migrated to Australia in 2005 and taught at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University’s International Centre for Graphic Technology as an educator. Dr. Noor then continued as an adjunct lecturer at RMIT’s School of Media and Communications, guiding post-graduate students in strategic media projects and industry-related learning. From 2017, he was the supervisor and mentor to several high-scoring students of the Master of Media and Communications at Monash University’s School of Film, Media and Journalism. Dr Noor is currently an examiner with the International Baccalaureate (IB) for Visual Arts, Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay.

Dr. Noor earned a PhD in Media and Communications from the RMIT University in 2017. Dr. Noor earned his Master of Teaching and Graduate Diploma in Multimedia from Monash University. In 2002, he also earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology from RMIT University. Specializing in user experience (UX), multimedia (audio and video) production, visual communication design, cultural studies and inclusive education.

Dr. Noor current research is tied to #visualepistemology and is focused on cross-cultural media and visual representation, inclusive media communications, responsive user experience, Arabic typography and religious symbolism.

Dr. Noor was also the Managing Editor for an Australian Muslim organization’s monthly publication from 2005-2006. In addition to this role, he also directed the design of the publication.

Dr. Noor is also an active visual arts and calligraphy practitioner, commissioning and exhibiting his creative works online and in galleries. He has worked on branding, multimedia and design projects with clients from Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Dr. Noor has also taught and practiced visual and media arts in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the UAE and Turkey. He spends his free time meditating and travelling with his family.


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