Dr. Nena Roa Gonzales

Assistant Professor, College of Computer Information Technology

Dr. Roa-Seïler has been an active information technologies researcher specializing in Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, User Experience and Emergent Technologies for more than a decade.
Her doctoral thesis was based on a European Community funded research project called ‘Companions’ focusing on anticipating the future needs of the elderly in developed countries. There, within a multidisciplinary team, she was in charge of the design and evaluation of the emotional interaction between humans and Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs). For her PhD dissertation, applying emergent technologies, she modelled and simulated these ECAs providing them with Emotional Interaction strategies to act in the role of Companions’ agents as interfaces.
Dr. Roa Seïler launched her career at Cite des Sciences Museum (Paris) as Multimedia Project leader which entailed her total immersion in Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design and their role in benefiting people. She continued as Innovation Design Leader & Art Director at the ‘Studio Créatif’, the innovation laboratory of France Télecom’s R&D department, working there for four years. There, she designed, modelled and implemented prototypes for creating services using cutting edge emergent telecommunications technologies. Her ‘Pressentiments’ program was for use by ‘artists in residence’ given carte blanche. As a result both artists and engineers gained a deeper understanding of how applied technology can bring pleasure into people’s life. The Innovation–lab was charged with generating ideas and concepts for product development, processes and services that would address both societal challenges and translate readily into socio–economic values in the global markets of the highly competitive telecommunication business.
As part of her teaching experience, Dr. Roa Seïler co-founded a research group called Interactive Systems at Universidad Tecnologica de la Mixteca (UTM) in Mexico. The aim was to develop and promote a philosophy of design centred on improving people’s user experience. Her research group students worked with an emotionally aware agent companion called Samuela that was endowed with Interaction Strategies and functioned in collaborative collocated multiuser learning game settings. In addition to her teaching achievements, she has published several peer review Conference papers and book chapters. She also managed innovation–research exhibitions and an Artist in Residence Programme.
Dr Roa Seïler obtained her PhD in HCI-IxD from Edinburgh Napier University, School of Computing. She also holds a Telecommunication Master’s degree (Télécom ParisTech) specialising in Multimedia/Hypermedia (combining Engineering and Arts) at Ecole Nationale de Beaux Arts of Paris (ensb-a) and a Master’s Degree in Design & Innovation at the University of Technology of Compiègne.


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