Dr. Marek Seretny

Assistant Professor / Specialization Coordinator - MKT, College of Business Administration

Dr. Marek Seretny, with a combined 30 years of industry and academic experience, his academic career is a continuation of professional experience covering marketing and sales support management, both on strategic and operational levels; he has worked with start-ups, small-medium enterprises and international corporations in both mature and emerging markets.

He earned his M.A. in Law and Management from University of Wroclaw, Poland, Marketing Strategies Diploma and Graduate Diploma in Marketing from The University of Newcastle, Australia and Ph.D. from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

In Academia, his recent research has delivered several publications and conference presentations on the developed Model of Sustainable Marketing.

His personal credo is: "Lead people - awaken life" and it is with that approach in mind that his focus over the following years will be to internationalise the Sustainable Marketing Model through further research, publication and teaching.


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