Dr. Konrad Gunesch

Associate Professor, College of Media and Mass Communication

Dr. Konrad Gunesch completed Law degrees (bachelors and masters/Bar Exam) in Germany, with studies and internships in The Netherlands, Sweden and Canada, before a double British and French masters degree in European Political Culture with studies in England, Italy, Spain and France. His British P.h.D in Education and Cultural Studies investigated the relationship between multilingualism and cosmopolitanism, or between language learning and personal cultural identity.

Before joining AUE, he researched and taught at universities in England, China and Panama, in departments of Education, Anthropology and Sociology, Psychology, English and Business. He has published on language learning, cultural identity and international education, as well as international tourism, and has presented his research at international conferences in several languages. His teaching at AUE centers on areas and subjects of International Relations and Communication, where he wishes to inspire his students to lifelong and broad-minded learning.

(04) 449 9570

Block No. 6, 1st floor. Office No 11.


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Dr. Konrad Gunesch

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