Dr. Hafiz Gaffar

Assistant Professor, College of Law

Dr. Hafiz Gaffar Ibrahim is an Assistant Professor at American University in the Emirates. He is a practice-oriented academic with extensive experience in areas of law and technology, property law, Torts, contract law and Anglo-Saxon law. He has diversified and extensive experience with governmental agencies and legal institutions in UAE, such as the ministry of justice and correctional &punishment Org.Dep.at Sharjah. Prior to joining American University in the Emirates, Hafiz worked with university of Sharjah Community college Department of law, Al-Jouf University college of Sharia and law- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & AL –Neelain University College of law-Republic of Sudan.

He holds a PhD with specialization in civil law from the University of AL-Neelain Republic of Sudan since2009 & masters in evidence law since2001.

Research interests of Dr. Hafiz are related to law and technology, Anglo Saxon law, Comparative Private Law and Legal Theory, property law, Torts, Islamic law, labour law, civil procedure law and contract law. He is an author of numerous articles and had a number of successful media appearances on the aforementioned topics.

In addition to teaching on topics ranging from torts to civil procedures, research and practice experience, Dr.Hafiz is also dedicated to community development and engaged especially in the area of law and community and its impact on development.


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