Dr. Cam Caldwell

Associate Professor, College of Business Administration

Dr. Cam Caldwell is an Associate Professor of Management and obtained a PhD from Washington State University where he was a Thomas S. Foley graduate fellow.  His doctoral specializations were in human resource management and organizational behavior.  He has also completed master’s degrees in public administration and in organizational behavior from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in political science with a specialization in public policy analysis from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Prior to earning his doctoral degree, Dr. Caldwell was a municipal manager, human resource professional, and management consultant.  He holds both the Senior Professional and Global Professional in Human Resources and is a certified Covey Leadership trainer.  As a practitioner and scholar, his achievements as an innovator in creating high-trust organizations and his development of new insights about management have been cited at the national and international levels.  He has previously taught internationally in Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and New Zealand, as well as at several universities in the United States.

Dr. Caldwell's publishing record is extensive and his research ranks him among the top 5% of academic scholars in the world.and his research has influenced students and colleagues in more than 100 different countries.  He has written more than 100 peer-reviewed research articles about a variety of management topics and has published seventeen books.  His areas of interest are broad and varied in the management field and include human resource management, strategic management, business ethics, leadership, business research and writing, and organizational behavior.  He has published more than seventy academic articles and book chapters with students and has co-authored and presented papers with colleagues from sixteen different countries.  In the decade from 2000 to 2010, he ranked third in the world in the number of business ethics publications in top-tier academic journals.


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